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Written about Thursday 2009-02-26
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Apparently, my diary is sad and empty.

Much like my life.

So yeah, another forum, another web community, blah, blah, blah.

I'm going on a road trip to Oklahoma this weekend with a couple friends... supposed to be a blasty-blast. Hey, it's not only getting me out of the house, but out of the fucking STATE. That's like a double-whammy in the best possible way. I'm pretty psyched. And by psyched I mean mildly excited.

I should probably post some of my art on here, huh?
Fuck it. Go to www.murderousxlenore.deviantart.com if you want to see it so badly. I don't have time for this shit.

And another thing:
Billy Corgan may be a douche, but his music is amazing. I'm way into his short-lived post-Pumpkins band Djali Zwan right now, and it's just so melodic and peaceful and heartbreaking and beautiful and lovely. Check some of their songs out when you get the chance, for a good collection of it watch the movie Spun. It's like the poor man's Requiem For a Dream. I actually like it a lot more than RFaD, simply because I've MET those people. In fact, I'm a lot like the main character, Ross - except I wouldn't ever handcuff a girl to the bed and leave her there for two days.

Unless she wanted me to. Some girls are kinky like that. :-P

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