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Written about Thursday 2010-02-25
Written: (3617 days ago)

hey its been an amazing year so far! its been two months and my life just keeps getting better and better. i just cant help but smile as i walk through the halls! job corp is just great

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Written about Saturday 2010-01-02
Written: (3670 days ago)

happy new years to evryone out there in elfpacking land. lol. just wanted to let evryone know tht i am having surgery on janurary 18th to have my adenoids removed and something with my nose... but anyways.. i will have someway of updating this so anyways...
 steven i miss u alot. havent heard frm u and im getting kinda worried... anybody heard frm him? let me know if u have. thanks for yall prayers and blessings. love yall!

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Written about Sunday 2009-12-20
Written: (3684 days ago)

Hey i know u r probably wondering if the following is about u but just take the time to read it.
  Nothing in this world is more important 2 me like he is. he is amazing handsome, sweet, my one n only true love,i would do anything for this man, i would walk a million miles just 4 him, i would die 4 him, he is worth all my time n breathe he is my universe n more... i just want 2 b by his side n b more than we could ever b... Steven i love u wit all my heart n soul n much much more ... u r my heart n soul.... when we 1st talked n spoke for those few minutes in my heart i could tell that u were the one 4 me... i dont want no one else but u .. i want 2 have a life wit u... no other person has made me feel like i have a reason on this earth.. he puts a smile on my face when im down ...when he is sad im sad 2 its like we share a connection wit each other... idk wat 2 say now the rest is hard 2 describe bout her i love you steven cook i really do love u

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Written about Friday 2009-08-07
Written: (3819 days ago)
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well my pappaw passed away july 14,2009 from brain cancer.. i miss him very much. please pray for the family..

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Written about Friday 2009-06-19
Written: (3867 days ago)

My grandpa was not feeling well on monday so he went to the hospital. his face was tingling, he was sluring his words and could not pick up his right foot.
he was admitted to the hospital and when he had a MRI done of his head the doctors found a tumor the size of a fist above his ear on the right side and reaching across the top of his brain. he is having brain surgery today between 2&3. the doctors believe that its brain cancer called gleoblastoma which is the fastest spreading brain cancer. he has between days to weeks and the surgery can give him maybe a few more days. im very scared, not sure if my pappaw is going to make it through. but i love him. he is like my dad since dad was never around to take care of me. so if you pray, please do pray for the family and him more than anything.
He isnt in pain but he is getting worse day by day.
please just let this miracle happen.

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Written about Monday 2009-06-01
Written: (3885 days ago)

♥I have finally found the man I have been looking for. He treats me like royalty which is what I have always wanted.
♥ He is my world and and everything in it. I knew that the day we had started talking the he was it. My one and only.

♥My dream would be to one day, awake next to him and be able to say that i woke up and looked into the eyes of the one i love.

We have so many things in common. Its almost creepy. lol. Not really.
We talk to each other like we have known each other since we were little when really its only been close to 2 weeks. Some may say that we are taking things to fast but I will disagree. I have found him and I hope to never have to let him go. Maybe he will read this and understand that this is what I mean when I say that I love him.

I Love My Steven♥

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