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Written about Wednesday 2011-07-06
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so tired and lonely...not sure what to write about but im writting ...out of all honesty i wish i could hit something right now or someone..tired of ppl but yet tired of being lonley ...constantly surrounded by people but yet still feeling alone ...being alone and being lonely are two diffrent things but they sure seem to walk down the same street holding hands...not sure if anyone cares what im saying or if anyone will even take the time to read this im just saying what i feel maybe my thoughts are worth something but then again maybe not...another thing to be honest about i think im going crazy ...i dont care if anyone thinks im jus being a silly teenager ...i have some pretty horrible thughts sometimes i dont think there normal..wait i know there not normal but nobody is normal afterall but my thoughts are sick and tiwsted...im so angry when i try to tell someone whats wrong and what im feeling and they tell me im just being silly but really im not im just being honest since there here to "help" me ...yeah help me by blowing off everything i say like it means nothing i guess there just trying to avoid the fact that there mite actually be some thing wrong with me...its not there attention i want all i want is answers...answers that i will probally never get..but then again they probally dont have the answers to any of my quesions ....but i wonder if everyone has these thoughts and feelings...but something i do know is..when u look at me u see a happy normal teenage girl upset over boys gossipping texting..but u dont see past that u dont see my thoughts or feel what i feel no im not emo maybe a little emotionally damaged but not gothic or anything no i dont cut mself or try killing myself or anything i love the thought of brething and all... all i wonna know is.. what? why? how? when?

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