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Written about Friday 2011-08-05
Written: (3292 days ago)

So, just got home. Got a message around ten for a flash chalk mob in town. So.. did that for awhile.
In the end, it was just me, my boyfriend, and this other guy who's pretty chill.
Some cops pulled over next to us because we were drawing in the road. Which is illegal.
Fuckin' cops.

So, yeah, went to my boyfriends house to help with his punktorian outfit for tomorrows festivities.
He fell asleep, and when I woke him up so he could drive me home, he got pissed.
I hope he hasnt crashed off the road on the way home.

Well, all nighter for me. Gotta finish making my corset shirt thing.
I fucking hate life right now.
First time in a while I've felt like this.

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