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Written about Thursday 2006-08-10
Written: (4784 days ago)

Hold me close, and let me kiss your lips
My heart speaks all the love I percieve,
and I thrive with you.
When We hold hands, I envisage
a beautiful family.
My eyes fill with tears yet once again,
As the vison i see it'snt real.
More than anything i wish,
For you to make it true.
Our love is justified when I'm with you,
can you affirm the truth we hold?

Our romance was established uniquely,
because how we adore
each other cannot be duplicated.
We were beautifully made for each other,
so don't ever doubt my love for you,
because it wont ever fade,
because, this i know,
Is the feel,
That no one else can ever know.
Because this love is real.

For the one and only Josh. I Love you more than anything babe. You mean everything to me. I'v never been happier!

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