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Written about Tuesday 2010-08-24
Written: (3568 days ago)

-_-# I so need a new job. This one sucks so fucking much, I mean hell i am typing this in notepad copy and pasting it in my diary on here because I am this bored and do not fucking care. I hate this job but its money right? Just because its a job does not mean shit, because when you get paid 9 only an hour and you have to double what you have to do on a job and still only getting paid same amount. I mean come the fuck on twice as much work for the same amount of pay, really now? This place is getting paid 27.5 for a person for a hour and we only get 9 of that and they can never fix the ac in the Texas heat. This place is such bull shit. I so hope i get a better paying job or least a better one then this bull shit job

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Written about Friday 2009-03-27
Written: (4083 days ago)

ok well the 27th is last day at work not even sure if will show up taking PTO for it all day, it might be a while for me to get back on here but i will try this is bull though about the lay off wish me luck on trying to get a new job talk when i can and yeah......just wish me luck

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Written about Tuesday 2009-03-17
Written: (4093 days ago)
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ok well first real intro I am pissed just got done with a meeting at work and my last day of work is the 27th I wont have a job after that this is bull if you read this and agree tell me there getting rid of a lot of us too

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-04
Written: (4896 days ago)
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well almost died today and recked my car.....mom and dad are still mad too...

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Written about Tuesday 2006-11-21
Written: (4940 days ago)
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my dad got is blood work back soon and he didn't have a heart attack but there going in next week to get some work down but I will have more info as the time goes on

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Written about Tuesday 2006-11-21
Written: (4940 days ago)
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my dad gave me some bad news last night his cheast was hurting yesterday its his heart there is some blockage and we was alreadly going to the doctor today so he went early to get blood drawn he works with hearts all the time so he should know
his father(my grandfather)died when my dad was 10 from a heart attack

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Written about Saturday 2006-09-16
Written: (5006 days ago)
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So hello guys and sorry this is a nothing sad intry ok? well what do you do when your heart hurts every time to talk to your ex but it still hurts when you don't talk to them though? Well I still talk with my ex and it hurts but I dont know...what do you guys think I should do?

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Written about Wednesday 2006-05-31
Written: (5114 days ago)

I am going to be offline I think for a time....mom is turning it off I think....that way she can know more about what I do I guess....I don't know....yeah if your wondering yeah she yelled and griped me out again....thought she wouldn't do that again she say....doesn't really matter....she never really keeps her word to me....

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-11
Written: (5134 days ago)
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....Once again I am down, I was doing better and feeling good....but that never last....if things keep going like this I don't know what I will do....its getting harder and harder to take it all....I made a promise once....to not die....and not kill my self....but....Z its hard to keep that promise....I am sorry for being down around you all....I am sorry for always being depresed and....I am sorry I failed every one.....I will still be here and live....but....I will let my self sufer though it all....I am feeling dizzy, sick, like I am going to through up, and not so great alround....I want to die but I know I have to stay for others....I don't live my life for me I live life for others....so as long as I know and remember I have friends....I won't die....as long as I CAN remember that there are thouse the like me love me and care about me....I will stay alive....but its hard to remember....I just wish I died again and stayed dead....but....I don't want to disapoint Z....or any of you guys....I love all my friends and I am so happy you guys are still with me....and if you can't take any more stress its ok....I understand I will still be your friend and you can come back when you can take it....just please don't every one leave me again.....*starts to cry*I can't take being alone again....I was alone for my whole childhood and most of my teen years....I have been alone up untell I was 16....and...I am 19 now so for about 12 years I was alone....please don't leave me alone....I couldn't take it again....it hurts to much....please stay and talk....don't leave me....don't forget me....don't kill me....don't pitty me....but please stay with me, help me, and don't hurt me....I have pain every waking and sleeping moment of my life....I get a few brakes though....please don't leave me....please stay with me....for my friends that like me more then a friend please tell me if you do....please.....it helps....knowing it....I will still live but I will live with all my pain....my mother and sister and father and family caused me this pain if you where wondering....I will try to keep eating but I don't know....I am loseing the will to eat again....bye for now...

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Written about Thursday 2006-04-27
Written: (5148 days ago)
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Well this is my first one....well to all who read this....I am not doing so great right about now, for so long and for so many years I ran from something and it seems like I can't run from it anymore...but I wish I could run forever, I am happy to all my friends and thanks for caring or least acting like you do. To my friends who have my cell # and got a call from me in the past two days, my mom took up my cell and she may call you up and bug you or yell or something else SHE DOES THIS ON HER OWN AND ITS NOT MY WISHES THAT SHE DOES DON'T BELEAVE HER WHAT SHE SAYS, if she calls you tell me what she says. Don't worry about having me hate her for it I already do hate her and I have for a while a long while....I just wish I could do something but....I can't....I feel so helpless once again....Its a bit funny though....I can help anyone who ask with almost any and every thing....but when it comes to me....I can't....and I don't like to ask for help....I just want to run from my life again....but sadly I am out of breath and to tried to run anymore so I will stay here and see it though again....just like that one time....I just hope it doesn't happen like last time....

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