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Written about Tuesday 2007-05-08
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Orange Flowers

My fieance, the love of my life !
There's so much happiness contained in that one line,
because I do feel so warm and happy,
to finally have a love that is truly mine.

You are the first girl that I've ever loved,
and that love is a raging fire that burns inside,
I couldn't have picked a better person,
there's no one finer for this roller coaster ride.

It was four years ago today,
D-day on one side of the world,
Departure Day for me,
as I set my new sails unfurled.

I never dreamt those winds would be so favorable,
to take me to this distant unknown pleasant shore,
a land of eternal and everlasting love,
where soul mates live together for evermore.

And I'm so very grateful,
for the times that we've spent together,
and I know that I love you,
and that I want to be with you forever.

In truth, those two months have been hard,
but the good times have outweighed the bad,
and looking back through the rose tints,
they're the best thing that I've ever had.

And the orange flower (splashed with green),
has long since withered away,
but not my love for you,
it has grown stronger every single day.

I remember those times fondly,
we were just so called friends,
but we'd get googly eyes for each other,
both looking a little too long, neither making amends.

And it seems such a waste now,
because you probably knew that I had a crush,
but I was scared of rejection,
and they say that some fools rush.

But I'm glad that time waits for no woman,
because I'm here with you today,
and I'll love you this day and all our tomorrows,
now what more can there be left to say?

Apart from: You are an inspiration to me,
with you I somehow feel completely whole,
I love you with every part of me,
my very heart, my very soul.

And my family loves you too,
you're the daughter my mother never had,
and that's really important to me,
because of course, every son loves his mom.

And you've done so much for me,
and you've shown me so many things,
and I'm looking forward to our travels,
and what those tomorrows and our future brings.

Because we will travel far and wide,
to so many places as yet unseen,
and there I promise you fields and fields of flowers,
and they'll all be orange, splashed with green.

By: Darward Bates

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