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Written about Friday 2007-02-02
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[My Perfect Guy]

You better be writing all this down! ^_^

[1.Older or younger?] older
[2.Tall or short?] tall
[3.Thin or fat?] either one--preferably thin
[4.Long hair or short hair?] depends on his facial features
[5.Preferred hair colour?] blonde or black
[6.Preferred eye colour?] dont care, but blue is hott!
[7.Lips... what should they be like?] kissable
[8.Good boy look or bad boy look?] bad boy
[9.A serious look or a funny look?] neither...cute! lol
[10.Tattoo?] of coarse!!
[11.Accent or no accent?] depends....
[12.With or without muscle?] with sum
[13.Uses hair dye?] if he wants....
[14.Wears sunglasses?] if necessary....
[15.With or without piercing?] WITH!!!
[16.Wears caps?] if he wants
[17.Mind or body?] BOTH!
[18.Wears t-shirts or polo shirts?] T-shirts
[19.Wears loose shorts or body fit shorts?] loose
[20.Quiet or talkative?] talkative

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