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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-09
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Written about Tuesday 2006-07-18
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I stole this survey from Dante. Shh. He dun know. o_O;

The Honest Survey
1. Honestly, what color is your underwear?
Neveh Blue. I luff meh boxors. =3

2. Honestly, what's on your mind?
Cheese. xD No, No. The Anime Banzai coming up in October. =)

3. Honestly, what are you doing right now?
Drawing, listening to music, and filling this out. o_O

5. Honestly, do you think you are attractive?
*Snort*... >_>;;

6. Honestly, have you done something bad today?
Uh.. No? o_o; I don't think so. I can't walk. xD

7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel?
Sometimes, when there's nothing else on. =\

8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?
Uh.. Not that I'm aware of. ._.

9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?
Matt.. And meh art. ^^

10. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
When I don't have clippers, and my nails are buggin meh. oO'

12. Honestly, have you had an eating disorder?
I love Veggies. MUWAHAHAHAHA. Thought that's not an eating disorder.. so no..

13. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?
Yus, Matt. =3

14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret?
Shhh. *She pressed h er fore finger to her lips*

15. Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like?
...Yes... XD

17. Honestly, are you loyal?
I've been told I is. oO;

18. Honestly, are you in denial?
About...? Lol. Oo'

19. Honestly, who would you wanna be right now?
Someone who's left leg wasn't in Pain. XD

20. Honestly, do you like someone?
Like, Love, L... And other good words that start with "L"

21. Honestly, does anyone like you?
Lotsa people. ^^

22. Honestly, is it going anywhere with them?
Er...? o_o

BAM! x3

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