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Written about Tuesday 2013-02-05
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I have been taking an assessment of my EP experience lately and i want you all to know something...I am worried...I'm worried about the past, present and more importantly the future of EP. I know when i first came here with a small group of my friends from pogo.com that things would change...but if i knew exactly how much they would change...well i may not have come at all. I sit here contemplating my accomplishments here...and my failures(which i do have a lot of) and i try to come up with a reason as to why this site changed me. But the more i think about it the more i realize that to me this isn't just a website, that this is a home to me...and a home can't be priced...a home cannot be pointed to on a map or read about in a book. A home is something that you feel deep in the depths of your soul, something that makes you feel safe, and something that brings out the you that you never knew was there. I feel like i can truly be myself here. Even after the pain and the loss that i have been through since i've been here, even after this home brought me to tears...i still feel safe here...But i know that this home is missing something or rather a lot of somethings...a lot of my family is gone...and no matter how many times i come back hoping and praying to whatever powers at be that they have come back and left me a message or a notification...i know deep down that it will not happen...I guess the moral here is you can take a family out of their home...hell you can even kill them...but you will never take the home away from the family...and i sure as hell miss mine...I could honestly go on for days about how beautiful and funny Jess was, or how awesome of a friend Isaac was, or even how amazing of a leader Seph was but i think i should stop...But honestly i am scared for the future of this home...

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Written about Tuesday 2013-01-29
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Happy happy birthday, to you and all your friends, happy happy birthday, let's eats some fucking cake! Cake, cake, cake, mutha fuckin cake, cake cake cake, let's eat some fucking cake!!!

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