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Written about Wednesday 2007-02-14
Written: (6279 days ago)

I am sorry everyone
certain people specifically
I haven't really been talking on here much
or on the phone
I dunno... I just couldn't get the energy... too much cleaning/cooking...
and my mom may need surgery, so I need to find a job...
I am promising to try and be more in touch with all of my good friends on here... Zack Stephan Shae everyone

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Written about Wednesday 2007-01-31
Written: (6293 days ago)

So now I am sad...
Someone in the EP Mafia on the news page, asked who Oliver was

they didn't even get his name right
"Who is King Koester"

It's in the [In Memory Of]
and if they had [read] it

they would have known
now I am sad today

PS... His birthday [1/22] just passed... it hurt...

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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-16
Written: (6553 days ago)

so listen up
I was in a car accident
Obviously I am ok
I just lost my boyfriend
so please
NO MESSAGES saying how "cute" I am
I'm not
and besides
I don't want YOU
I want HIM

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Written about Sunday 2006-02-12
Written: (6646 days ago)

I start work today
at mcdonalds
a shithole job, but i make $6.50 an hour
so I will endure
I just wish the camera place was hiring
oh well

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