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Written about Thursday 2008-03-20
Written: (4234 days ago)

wow i love paraguay it is amazing...and i love the people that i meet.... i have so many friends its really just great.... but i miss my family and friends back home....it makes it hard sometimes but then i remember that i have wanted this experience for a very long time.. and i am finally getting to live it, its not just a dream anymore its a reality....ahhhhh but then things happen all at once ya know..and its just like DANG why don´t you tell me these things like 10 months ago(now ok 10 months ago is an exaggeration but you get my drift) ahhhh anyways yeah i love it here and its great and beautiful and i get to see my best friend now... i missed her i didn´t see her for like 2 years geez...that sucked but yeah....thats what i wanted to say...

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Written about Friday 2007-09-28
Written: (4407 days ago)

Basically the best song and its pretty relavent!         

          * Almost Lover *
          * A Fine Frenzy *

Your fingertips across my skin
The palm trees swaying in the wind
You sang me Spanish lullabies
The sweetest sadness in your eyes
Clever trick

Well, I never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

We walked along a crowded street
You took my hand and danced with me
And when you left, you kissed my lips
You told me you would never, never forget
These images


Well, I'd never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

I cannot go to the ocean
I cannot drive the streets at night
I cannot wake up in the morning
Without you on my mind
So you're gone and I'm haunted
And I bet you are just fine

Did I make it that
Easy to walk right in and out
Of my life?

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should have known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-26
Written: (4410 days ago)

Things happen so fast and i hadn't even the time to thing out them...i felt like i was standing on a rug and someone pulled it out from under me, and i hit my head!!! Feelings are important to me i don't just put them out there...and i feel as though i have had my heart tramped on like a million times... maybe i should give up and be a nun!!!! Then i wouldn't have to deal with this

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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-21
Written: (4446 days ago)

Have you ever felt so heart broken that you wanted to throw up.....well i experienced that...it was horrible someone i trusted so much is the one who broke my heart... I felt like my best friend had died...i mean it hurt as though someone reached through grabbed my heart and stomped on it... i mean i just don't know what to do anymore....

my friend told a person she did not know who i was!!! She said she did it because she was pissed at me but i mean COME ON!!! I would never deny a friend <img:mood21-gif.gif><img:mood7-gif.gif>
then she trys to tell me i am important and she loves me and all that stuff but how can that be true?!?!?!!? How do i even matter....why should i live ya know???

if anyone can help with words of wisdom or words of something i would be soo happy..and grateful


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Written about Tuesday 2007-07-17
Written: (4480 days ago)

7 signs you're falling 4 someone

1. - as soon as you get online-you look @ their name first
2. - when you hear your phone ringing- u hope it is them calling
3. - when a love song comes on the radio-their face comes to your mind
4. - their name makes your heart skip a beat every time u hear it
5. - it is that person that you always find yourself thinking about-wondering if they're thinking about you
6. - the whole time you were reading this bulletin, that person was the 1 person on your mind.....
7. as soon as you repost this you will wonder if he/she is thinking about you...

Repost this as "7 signs you're falling 4 someone"within the 5 minutes and the 1 who you answered to those questions will realize how much they mean to you tonite at 11:11....

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Written about Thursday 2007-06-28
Written: (4499 days ago)

have you ever felt so lost in your emotions...like it wasn't even within your reach.. I don't know what is wrong with me... but i am having one of those moments...

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Written about Tuesday 2007-04-24
Written: (4564 days ago)

You never think it would happen to your friends. Well it happened to mine..one of the best guys i ever met died.. I found out on sunday morning before church. he was the best person i knew. He was in the airforce over in italy, he did what he loved doing hiking in the alps with some friends outside his base -- when he slipped and fell down a 90 foot ravine. He was only 21. I miss him so muc and it still seems so unbelieveable. And it isn't real that i will see him tomorrow.. he was supposed to leave today to come home.. but just in that short period of time plans change.. saturday he was rock climbing and was supposed to come home tuesday...well he isn't coming home.. his parents will bring his body back in 2 weeks... don't take life as a joke he didn't and he accomplished so much.. i miss him so much!

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Written about Wednesday 2007-04-18
Written: (4570 days ago)

Land of the Hokies usually a happy calm place,
but if you look now it's a sorrowful place,
Students, and teachers gave their lives to save others,
on the day where there was mad caious, and gun shots aloud

What can you say to ones left there
What do you say to the victims parents

Phones ringing by their children, husbands, and wives
No one answered, the continuous ringing was bitter to end,
but the 32 people will never be forgot

So we bow our heads and silence our voices to remember the victims of that sorrowful day.

BY: Stephanie L. W

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Written about Wednesday 2007-02-21
Written: (4626 days ago)

OK well this week is getting complicated... well actually it has been like the past couple weeks!!! Tomorrow will be 2 years since my best guy friend Eric and his Parents died in a house fire aross from where I live... I grew up with Eric and his family and i loved him.. The funny thing is we actually liked eachother before and flirted but didn't really want to risk our GREAT friendship... He was amazing.. It would be me Eric Dave and sometime RJ always together! I was the only girl willing to do the guy thing so i was always with them... Playing tackle football, release,anything we really wanted!!! It was amazing..
   I will always remember the morning i woke up when my mom called me and told me to go downstairs because a family on summit street died in a fire!! This was at 5:30 am and i didn't answer till 5:45 and i ran down stairs and fell to my knee's i remember thinking while i hurried downstairs "please don't let it be eric" i knew it was a chance it was him because he was one of the only family's with parents and a teenaged boy... Well I got to the door it was him.. i screamed and fell... i ran over and my friends dad was the firefighter and he just shook his head.. it was horrible i don't remember not crying.. i cried when i called david...and in the shower....on the way to the bus stop...and reporter stopped me and tried to get answers from me..i cried on the bus, going into school and finally we talked to a councler and i went home like 10minutes into 1st period.. it was the worst day ever.. it took me forever to get over it.. i am still not over it... seeing the empty lot where he used to live still makes me scared and cry..and see flash backs...
       I guess you could say i will NEVER be "OVER" it... i don't know i just need help it is soooo hard and no one understands me :(
  RIP Eric died 2/22/05

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Written about Tuesday 2007-02-06
Written: (4642 days ago)

doesn't it suck when you like someone...and you don't know what to do.. and you don't know how they will act.. or if you are pushing them away.. I am so frustrated with that.. i really like someone and i don't know whats going to happen... BUT i want it to happen on that person to decided on their terms not mine..

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