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Written about Tuesday 2009-06-23
Written: (3823 days ago)

soooo someone asked me what type of poetry i write.... i dont really have an answer for that question so instead i will put on here about two or so poems that i wrote today just randomly

here is one:

i miss the way you looked at me
on the moonlit night
waking close beside me
not another person in sight
kissing you so tenderly underneith the tree
it was so right
yet wrong

and here is one more

smile upon
the days long gone
never to forget
and dont you ever regret
the good the bad
all the times we had
forever my love

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Written about Sunday 2009-05-31
Written: (3847 days ago)

should i write a diary entry today...... sure why not

so welcome to my diary since this is my first one i guess i should like introduce myself
but then again i kinda doubt anyone is gonna read this soooooo

well im josie black

i love music and to party
tomorrow im going to lazerfest
its a huge outdoor rock concert ;)
um i like to dance with people and alone
sometimes in my underwear


so i guess if you have questions just ask
i might answer

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