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Written about Tuesday 2005-10-11
Written: (6795 days ago)
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Well you guys, I'm really looking forward to my animation career. It's been a year and a half since I first entered Elftown, then I was kicked out, and I moved here where I found home. I'm a junior now, and I plan to become an animator and someday visit Japan with my boyfriend [prince link]. I'm so hopeful, I hope I can rely on my self well enough... *sigh*

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Written about Wednesday 2005-06-29
Written: (6899 days ago)

You know, my Dad seriously pisses me off. Calling me a bitch and I'm a mistake and this and that. WEll, that's why I say use protection people! If you don't want any children either go screw a a pickle jar or just use a frikin' rubber so you don't have to regret making such a HORRIBLE kid Damnit!

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Written about Friday 2005-06-17
Written: (6910 days ago)

I'm so burnt...

My boobs hurt, and they're sticking to my chest...ah.

Anywho, go to my dad's tommorow, gotta give him his car I drew for him, and he BETTER like it. I'm in a major photoshop mood!

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Written about Monday 2005-05-23
Written: (6936 days ago)

Woo! I go to the beach in a week! I can't wait! I'll surf and swim..eat..and surf..wait a darn minute..

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Written about Monday 2005-05-16
Written: (6943 days ago)

Just two more days. anywho!!! I'm now working at the APAT Group in virginia! I am working as computer intern to learn and study about animation and game design. My buddy Sky [Death's Life] Works there a swell. I'm doing a lot of anime in photoshop currenty. so maybe I can make it. And...

I might move with my father, I couldn't bear this!! I have so many friends! I can't leave them! I won't!! Damn *punches the ground* why? Why can't I be on my own? I hate being such a child with so little decision! Why do I have to abandon my friends! I have someone I really love here! I'm going to be engaged damnit! And then Sky....
My dear Sky. Boshi, my beloved boshi..Ashley..Cody..Carl, Sara, Jellybean, Katlyn, Courtney, Amanda, Jesse, Tommy, Curtis, Latonya, Brittany, Eric, Ian, Stormy, Tabby, Guy, Sharon, Cooper, Cecil, Jesse, Adam, Reuben, Jared, Thomas, Bradley, Ty, Hoot, Timmy, Charlie, and a bunch more people..there's so many!!
Why? when everything is going right!!! What do I do!! I hate starting my life all over! I odn't want to, Great Spirit or whoever!! I need a sign! Some sign!! Somewhere, whether it be today or tommorow, now, seconds..hours... just..somehow...

Fade to black

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Written about Friday 2005-05-06
Written: (6953 days ago)

Only one more flipping week

Until I can see Adam again. We were being bad and well, we weren't so secure as we thought. WHY WHY??? Why don't hose other slutty sluts get caught. Those damned whores from the oblivion of hell...*sigh*
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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-03
Written: (6956 days ago)

Well, I


got grounded for two weeks away from my boyfriend. Can't call or go over his house, or vice versa. I'm so fucked...
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Written about Sunday 2005-05-01
Written: (6958 days ago)

Oh boy am I in some SHIT!!! Ever got caught by parents doing something bad in a dark room???? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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Written about Monday 2005-04-18
Written: (6971 days ago)

I love Adam, so so much I'm nervous about Saturday..I wonder if I'll do it. At least I'll know. I've never been in so much love in my whole entire existance. Not even in my thoughts have I been this happy. Just wanting to love and be loved. I love this man with all my heart, and I want to make this relationship last as long as we can make it last. God, let us stumble opoun a nice meadow in a forest that you've prepared somewhere. I want him to ask me. Because I know that in my heart, I will say yes.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-30
Written: (6990 days ago)

<img:http://img.hebus.com/2005/01/20/050120102418_90.gif> <img:http://img.hebus.com/2005/01/20/050120102219_29.gif>
And Legolas!

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Written about Thursday 2005-03-24
Written: (6996 days ago)

W00t! Cosmo is a happy Cosmo! My Linky-Poo came back today, and he was soooooooo happy to see me! a I kissed him!! W00t boy buddy did I miss those lips! It was worth the damn wait let me tell ya! And then we might go to the lake and chill with the breeze in our hair!! Oh thank you almighty Eternal spirit!

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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-23
Written: (6997 days ago)

Boy what a day! My poor Linky-poo, he's having a hard time coping with a death in the family. I want to be his fairy godmother, but I'm afraid I can't do anything but comfort and love him. Oh please God, Spirit or whatever you are up there..let Adam know just how much I love him. WEll, I get to see him tommorow, it's been 2 days since I've seen him. Woah! I actually survived two days. Just kidding, don't think I'm clingy now...

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Written about Monday 2005-03-21
Written: (6998 days ago)

W00t! Cosmo is in school right now, and her buddy Jesse is sitting next to her! Say hi Jesse!


Actually, Cosmo had to write that for him because he's too damn lazy! This is my diary Jesse! (Jesse just asked me what I was writing). Cosmo has to go now bye!

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Written about Monday 2005-03-21
Written: (6999 days ago)

Okay peeps, here;s one ting if you wishes to peep in me diary. Adam Burnette and Adam Crosier are completely two different people!

Adam Burnette [Ah-dum Ber-nett] Definition: He has no idea what love is or when it comes up to shmack him in da faysh.

Adam Crosier[Ah-dum Kro-sher] Defenition: A simply divine angel. He is a REAL man, because he knows how to shed tears...and he is the very being of love..so...Now you know the difference.

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Written about Monday 2005-03-21
Written: (6999 days ago)

Cosmo:W00t! I spent the WHOLE weekend with my prince!! It was awesome too..dear God ..*Shivers* Sorry, I just had an Herbal Essence experience. Anywho, I love Adam. We got a bunch of pics taken together, He was wearing my cloak..*Glares at Adam*

Adam: But I love my little Cosmo. She's my little Elf Princess, and me loves her *Kisses his sweetheart*

Well my my! Will you look at the time..I'm busy! *Is yanked to the ground*

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Written about Thursday 2005-03-17
Written: (7003 days ago)

It's my and Adam's anniversary today. W00T. I actually made it one month. I'm suprised actually. Anyway, things couldn't possibly go any smoother. I love my life and I love Adam. I love everything there is about him. I've finally learned to accept people's faults, that's what love is all about. Accepting people's good and bad faults, no matter what the condition..right? Anywho, I simply melt when he kisses me. Whooooo! He kissed my neck and my ear and ...*spine shivers* It drives me nuts how much I lurve it! I can't believe I was so shy to talk to him 5 months ago, what was I thinking? I was so scared to show him my drawings and just talk to him. I thought he was too good for me. Then I find out that he likes me back! He liked me for four straight months and never told me! It came Valentines Day when he finally admitted it to me, when he brought me the roses I have. They're a month old now. Still have good color to them, but they're dry and crispy now, I have them on my board where I pin up stuff. We're going to get married on here whenever he decides to get his Zelda-playing-ass on here. No matter, I can't blame him because it's our favorite game!! Tee hee! Anywho, We told each other a bunch of stuff so we understand each other better. Let me tell each of you people who are reading this. Whenever you have a doubt in a relationship..(Which EVERYONE has doubts, their is no "perfect" relationship let me tell you!)..Talk it out. Don't ignore each other, it gets worse as silence takes place between the two of you. If he/she loves you, they'll understand and they will stick with you! Now if they don't and they blow up, it's their loss. You were the one being honest, so it's their fault for handling the situation like a dumbass. I thought I couldn't handle having a boyfriend and being in Foster Care at the same time (That's right, I'm an orphan and nobody except Adam loves me) JUst kidding, but he said..and I quote "I'm in this for the whole right baby! I got myself with you and I'm with you the whole way!" Yippers! See? If they REALLY care about you, they'll stick with you through thick and thin, no joke. So..I do believe this is a bit long..so see ya! And visit my damn Wiki! Gyrocia

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Written about Saturday 2005-03-12
Written: (7008 days ago)

Screw Adam Burnette! That motherfucker he's so fake! I suppose I'm fine with being his friend. He is pretty funny and he knows how to make me laugh. I just can't believe I wanted him still. forget that, I have someone that really loves me, and knows how to be himself at all times. what is it with me and Adams? I'm sticking with [prince link] damnit!
I mean..wouldn't you love it when your brought roses and you tell them your favorite coffee once, not only do they not forget what flavor you like, but they drive at 7:30 in the morning to get it for you. On top of that, you've wanted an acoustic guitar, and they give you the first one they've ever received. Most importantly they give you their love. It makes you feel like you've been an orphan and all you've wanted was a family, and finally after years your adopted. I feel like I belong somewhere now. We go everywhere. We're going to Smith Mountain lake Saturday. We're going to get a boat and go right in the middle of the lake and fish..and talk. It's absolutely paradise city. (A phenomenal song by the one and ONLY GNR. Good job Axl) Anywho, I guess it's alright to feel like you have wings when they kiss you. *Sigh* I found my elf prince. It was so funny today because we were both wearing green cloaks. Mine was a bitch to make though. The stupid hood and the capelets, along with the heavy ass cloak itself was a bitch to make. He actually did it for me. He went around wearing a damn cloak for me. Now isn't that love? I love you Adam Crosier.

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Written about Friday 2005-03-04
Written: (7016 days ago)

Meh he he!! Two new wiki's why don't you go there??
Cosmo's Florals

Whoo hoo!

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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-02
Written: (7017 days ago)

Bah! so Elftown decides to ban me!! Well, They'll just have to see about that! They thought they would get rid of me this easily, the bloody bastards! So I'll camp out in Elfpack for a while, see how I like it here. Probably since the ppl are nicer and the rules are better! Mwa ah ah ah ah aa!ha!

HA! Um..erm..yes, HA! I can laugh freely here! Unlike elftown..blech! Makes me wanna gag!

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