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Written about Tuesday 2010-03-30
Written: (5138 days ago)
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Picture me
In a casket
Never nobody
Knew how long
The pain lasted
Keep my eyes tight
I'm frightened
But I fights like Tyson
When playin' this game of life
I'm losing
Longing to be enlightened
Absorb my mind state
Reduce the crime rate
And take me out
When running toward the Lord
I see 'em fake me
Out shook me
So from church I play hookie
Get the get the bags ready
My brains contaminated
Hella rotten
Wasn't me that killed you
Who was it what was it
The effects of the mildew
My brain's wilted
In my eyes the world is a bit tilted
Lord take me away
Before somebody else gets killed
Blood spilled
It's hard man
My life is scarred man
I'm losing my mind
I don't want to wake up
I don't wanna cuz
That's the way that I feel
I'm barely hanging on
I don't want to wake up
I don't wanna cuz
That's the way it has to be
I made your life a living hell
Rmember your telling me
All I give a damn about
Is weed stems and drugs
Remember you
Spent 30 Crying
When the blood test read
The baby wasnt mine
Now there's nothin'
Else left of me
I was a bum
But you still wanted some
Foul ups , bleeps and blunders
So now to take me
Really quickly is my fate
I'm sorry
For making it hard
I know your scarred
I'm losing my mind
lately all i can
think about is you
big bro
i dont get
why the fuck
you had to go
they say that the good
die young but at least we had fun'
because in this
life you only get one
So now it's time
And I ain't playin'
makin' me put an end
To this suicidal mind state
this is not a suicide letter more like the last statement from a tourchered soul that was finaly pushed off the edge matthias roper is gone and will never be back
i want to thank tech for the basis of this song but this is my version

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Written about Friday 2009-08-07
Written: (5374 days ago)

imagine me in a casket blasted never no budy knew how long the pain lasted keep my eyes tight im frightend but i fights like tyson when playing this game of life im losing longing to be enlightend absorb my mind state reduce the crime raight and take me out when runnin toward the lord i saw him shook me so from church i play hookie my brains wilted in my eyes the world is a bit tilted lord take me away befor someone else gets killed blood spilled seriously sighned matt im so done playing this game of life im calling it quits i for fit every one else can win

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Written about Wednesday 2009-05-27
Written: (5445 days ago)

why am i even trying any more im ready to up and say fuck every thing i cant go into the millitary wich has been my life long dream fcuk it im done

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Written about Tuesday 2008-07-01
Written: (5775 days ago)

yeah yeah yeah this is going out to all the CRIP PLAY BOYS
Putting it down for they town you know what IM saying
DENVER putting it down in 5 points drop that shit homeboy

Young Cs in my hood try to come up
Quick to pull the trigger by the next man he don't give a fucc
He's on a mission trying to stack a grip red rag on his hip
And a Glocc with an extended clip
So just incase the fucc jumps got to keep a strap
Cuz nowadays mutherfuccers try to peel your cap
So he wants to put in work and earn a couple stripes
Rollin in the stolen he has intention to take a life
MLK and COLFAX 10 slobs try to flex again
So now somebody's Mom got to wear a blacc dress again
Hit the corner yelled out ERIPP BITCH
Then came the Glocc stucc out the window
He kept up until he emtied out the whole clip
That's why these red rag fags up in body bags
No remorse he laughed when that foo fell
No revenge his homies wanna go and tell
But he aint know punched the gas he had his fun
Drove to the hood to tell the homies bout the shit he done
Meanwhile the slobs were at the station snitching
Gave a description 5-0 searching through the mission
Suprise next morning opened up his eyes
Guns and badges blue suits and white guys
Sounds kinda fucked up but homie would've told ay
He's living out the life of a crip bangin soldier

In the west side this is how we ride
blue rags do or die slobs better run and hide

Yo trip when you first let the pistol smoke
But waking up in the county aint no joke
That's murder one cause the crime was premeditated
He thought it out on the trigger never hesitated
Cuffed and booked you fate is now sealed
And 30 with a L is the DA's first deal
You ask your self what the fucc kind of deal is that
With that much time there aint no chance I'll ever make it bacc
Without a doubt not guilty was the youngsters plea
Put the decision in the hands of a jury
A bunch of slobs climbed up to the witness stand
Fingers pointing when the judge said who's the man
Is he seated in the courtroom here today
The D. A smiled when they pointed at him right away
They want to handle it by climbing in the witness seat
Instead of getting strapped and holding court in the street
In killa colorado all the snitches get the 86
An unidentified corpse in a shallow ditch
Deliberation by the jury took about a day
A guilty verdict meant a long ass prison stay
His mom cried when they said life without
Because she's knowin what the crip bangin soldier's life's about

Rollin up canyon city C.D.C reception
Got over 10 sit that ass up in carses section
Waiting on a chain to take you to your first pen
Don't give a fucc because he'll never see the streets again
He's on a gray goose hunt to his first joint
A level four cause little homie got a gang of points
sent him down 2 gj with a gang of slobs
B. R keep a strap and always watch your back
Northside soldier put that work in for that X4
You take out one of ours were taking out 10 of yours
Don't got no nines got no Glock got to AK's
But for keeps is the only way the CRIP plays
blue rag to the heart so fucc the rest
denvers 5 point district tatted on his chest
Stroll in the yard with the homies sipping coffee
Twisting up a Rolley get inglesia from an o. g
And that's the way the game goes no its not a tragedy
A four corner hell has turned into reality
Sounds kind of fucced up but homey would have told you
He's living out the life of a crip bangin soldier

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