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Written about Saturday 2009-05-02
Written: (3731 days ago)

... well it's been about a year... i cant remember who owes me lunch!!! but i want them to bring me it NOW!! lol no i don't... <_< HORMONES! i lie there are no hormones involved only cider and tiredness!! well this was fun! i'll answer my 75 (O_____O) messages when i can be bothered.. =D

love you all!!! xxxxxxxx

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Written about Sunday 2008-06-01
Written: (4065 days ago)

LOL i've just made 4 arrangements with guys... XD
One in denmark for dinner and a movie
One who's coming to see me during summer *can't wait*
One who's local and we're going for a drink
and one who owes me a lunch! XD

Nothing untoward... well nothing much anyways! XD And i'm not planning on sleeping around with any/all of them. Just to make that clear, but it amused me!! Must be a night for plans.. can't wait for Scotland!!!

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Written about Monday 2008-05-26
Written: (4071 days ago)

27 messages??? hmm it's 12:15am... so no. sorry to all you guys who have messaged me but i'm not really in the mood to slog through all the: hi ur s3xy messages... so you'll have to wait a while longer for me to reply to you. Sorry to those of you who are actually my friends! I luffles you <3 I'm just lazy and tired! =P

Lexxi out!

Oh yeah and on a side note I GOT THE COSTA COFFEE JOB! So i'm a coffee gal now!

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Written about Tuesday 2008-05-20
Written: (4078 days ago)

I'm not even bothering to try and answer the messages right now.. 17 messages.. again... >.< i'm lazy and i need my coffee and to make myself look presentable.. or maybe do some more revision and less skivving.. yeah any of the above would do! XD

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Written about Monday 2008-05-19
Written: (4079 days ago)


I love you all dearly BUT 16 messages in less than 24 hours??? o_o no wonder i can never be bothered replying... it's endless. I cleared my EP and ET of messages, watches, wikis and diaries yesterday... and there is hardly any difference..

lol /rant aye! XD *potters off to try and answer all the messages*
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Written about Saturday 2008-04-12
Written: (4116 days ago)

Hmm might re-do my house again... i need to do a bit of a photo shoot for it.. i have some ideas! =P lol ^_^ But art project first aye!!

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Written about Thursday 2008-04-10
Written: (4118 days ago)

ahh i just discovered how to turn my screen upside down!!! :o lol raaandom... hehe had a goood day today! ^^ Got a decent night's sleep (finally) and school was okay.. busy though.. 2 lessons, break, lesson, coursework at lunch, time out to play poker 4th and then art... which i did nothing in becuase... well i don't like art lesson's it's really hard to work in them. I might as my teacher if i can work elsewhere so i actually get things done. Oh yeah and i'm going to look into doing the International Bac. in Switzerland next year. Just for the fun of it ^_^ It'd be cool to get away and do something different.. probs won't work out but i'm gunna talk to my parents about it as my dad is getting a flat in switzerland anyway so i could always live there term time. =D

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Written about Wednesday 2008-04-09
Written: (4119 days ago)

I dunno if i'm coming down with something but i feel really really warm and i have so much pain in my head, real bad earaache and a strange headache that's like a pressure building in my skull.
I'm trying to help people solve things.. i just don't know what else to do.. i want them to be happy and then they can leave me alone. Because at the moment i'm surrounded by people that i just can't.. i don't know.. i can't talk to.. have to tiptoe around incase i say the wrong thing. I'm fed up of it and i'm fed up of all the bitches around. Yeah i know i can be bitchy but seriously. People are as horrible to each other behind their backs as they are together to people they don't like. Bitch about me if you want. I don't care, coz chances are you don't know half as much as you think you do and to be honest i care as little about you as you do about me.
This is going to drive me crazy.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-04-09
Written: (4119 days ago)

Elftown is down so diary rant goes here! =D

bleh.. today was quite crap to be honest. I'm not sleeping well at the moment so i'm really tired and ontop of that there's a lot of shit going on that i can't talk to anyone about. It's all building up inside me, along with school/exam stress and it's not like i'm going to explode or anything.. just drains all my energy away until i'm not enjoying anything. Just feels like every day is an issue of survival, get through it or break down. I'm getting through it but it really is effecting me.
For example i've lost about half a stone which i'm not putting back on becuase eating alot of food makes me feel sick. I have headaches all the time, i'm not sleeping well and my earache and sore throat have come back. ;_; so most of the time i'm finding it hard not to snap at people and be grumpy. It's just so wearing... life is soo bland.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-04-08
Written: (4120 days ago)

Hmmm diary yeah... i think i'm going to redo my house... again! =P coz i feel like it yeah! XD and bleh watching most haunted series 7 ^^ so meh.

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Written about Monday 2008-04-07
Written: (4121 days ago)

[-Brown eyes-]

STRAIGHT UP PIMPS!!!!!Sexy as hell,people with brown eyes are very attractive, adorable, love to make new friends. Will do anything for that special person. Kind and polite Can make anyone laugh or cheer them up. Best in bed can last for days.....way better than hazel eyed people.....Loves to please the one they care or love for,very good kissers, are straight up WARRIORS, not one to fuck with.

yeah lol thats me! =P

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Written about Monday 2008-04-07
Written: (4121 days ago)

Trying to hold things together,
When they keep falling apart,
Trying to fix it with tape,
And i've no idea where to start.

As one thing is fixed,
A hundred others break,
And i still don't know what to do,
Or how to get through each day.

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Written about Monday 2008-04-07
Written: (4121 days ago)

bleh bleh BLEH!!!!!!!

yeah... i feel crap at the moment.. achey and tired as hell.. tired physically AND emotionally. I think i'm going to go crazy... or at least i'll be a wreck for the next 8 weeks. Seriously so much shit going on and no one to talk to. I just want someone to hug me and listen and tell me how to fix things... but that's not going to happen so. yeah. life goes on i'll get through it. Just have to keep away from people when i'm down and remember how great the ups are. balance. LOL.
Nikki made me laugh today, she said that despite the fact we've got similar sorts of stuff going on in our lives (as far as friends go) i always seem so calm and okay. She said i must be so churned up and torn apart inside. I think she knows me really well. She's the only person i know who just understands me, even if we don't talk all that much. It was nice chatting to her. <3
School was average. Life is average. Where's my knight in shining armour hay? To make everything seem amazing and make me see things with new eyes. Coz at the moment i could use a different perspective on things. I'm throwing my life away so much. Killing myself in a way. Maybe they were right. *sigh* ahh well i've never given up and i'm not starting now. onwards! 

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Written about Sunday 2008-04-06
Written: (4122 days ago)

and i am an official blood donor now!! I'm going to give blood at the end of the month which is something i've always wanted to do. Going to sign up to be an organ donor as well. I figure that the least i can do is help other's out when i die. Life is a gift and one i intend to pass on. After all i'm going to be cremated anyways. There's no need to burn parts of me that other's may need. ^_^ It's the whole circle of life thing, one thing dies to give life to another. I don't need to leave a legacy behind me, just knowing that if i die my death was useful is good enough for me! =D

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (4123 days ago)

and I AM ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH MY ESSAY!! for english coursework yeah!! I'm feeling pretty chilled.. should finish the essay tonight and i've done my maths so i just need to check over my chem paper and i can do art all tomorrow and then school! I'm actually pretty organised.. i have quite a bit of work for my art exam so i'm not worried at all, going to do some in my free on monday.. so 2 hours of art a day.. makes 10 hours this week to do AO3 and then exam next week!! Lol i plan to spend the exam gluing and sticking! XD XD
Josh came over for a couple of hours too.. said he was bored coz no one would go to chester with him! Bless! XD lol Although all he did at mine was get bullied and watch TV while i pottered on the PC and slept! XD OHHH!! yeah in 2 weeks today i'm going to give blood! :o and then i plan to go to chester and get a piercing.. think i might have to have my nose re-done.. although i might do it myself.. but after i've given the blood! woooooo!! lol I've wanted to give blood for ages and seeming as Jim did and survived i thought i could too!! lolz and i shall watch as they drain away a pint of my blood!! hehe!! XD
So yeh i'm cheeery XD

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (4123 days ago)

you know what? The japanese-y looking guy from Elliot Minor is HOOOT!!! *drools* yeah... <_< Love their music too!! XD

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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (4124 days ago)

I want some more people in my little family so come on guys and message me with what you'd like to be!! X3 (check the family section on my ET page!)

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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (4124 days ago)

Okay i just got off the phone with Jim.. after an hour 15 minutes my LONGEST phone convo ever and we could have gone on longer if my phone hadn't run out of charge! ;_; He has such a sexy voice! X3 I think i've fallen in love with it! XD Bless him he cheered me up, he's so easy and fun to talk to, we just rambled about everything swapped tales of injuries and life experiances! ^____^ Plus the shopping.. ahh my day has been AMAZING!!!! <3 <3 i'm so happy i could sing and dance like a loon.. but i won't coz that would be painful! XD For everyone involved!
So yeah!!! I could explode with happiness right now!!

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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (4124 days ago)

I think i might have to go lie down coz i have a pounding headache... >.<

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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (4124 days ago)

Mwahahaha i went shopping, walked into town and it was goood! Didnt take long.. now i'm avoiding english coursework! :o as usual....
Anywho got a new dress thing which is gorgeous and £30 worth of make up coz i'm cool like that! XD Yeah all problems can be made better by spending money!! I'm going to wear the dress to school monday.. maybe over jeans maybe not!! XD
In other news i am fed up of being hit on... and harassed via PM by 30 year old guys.. =____= GO AWAY!! lol this is irrelevant to all youz my friends because you know i loves you all! X3

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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (4124 days ago)

4 messages in the time to write that last entry??? how can that be i only have 1 online friend??? :o

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