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Written about Tuesday 2006-01-17
Written: (6468 days ago)

Pop Rocks + Pepsi = Good Times

Brother:: Don't drink Pepsi and eat Pop Rocks at the same time, or you'll explode!
Moi:: ... Here's to hopin'. *Downs both at the same time*

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Written about Sunday 2005-05-22
Written: (6707 days ago)

Five years later, London... ((Ill think of a better way to introduce the time change...))
It was another night, another human to sustain me. Fiona was out agayne, with her lackeys, while I was left in her apartment left to do whatever I would do. I played with random nick-knacks, played with the kittens I found that were abandoned, batted some lint around... But I mostly just sat in the un-used office, and stared at the crucifix that was hung on the wall above a desk. Often I happened to sit among the desks, and look at the crucifix for hours... I can’t but think that if it was me on the cross, I wouldn’t have really died as well... Anyway, this is not what attracted me indeed: it was the blood painted on the wood that maked my heart thumping... Fiona barged in.
Pack up, was her command... I, of course, obeyed. If I did not, she would sell me off to those old priests that were lonely, or atleast that was what I was threatened. But I guess that I should have known then, that I was going to be sold into slavery for a few jewels. I packed a pair of pants and a shirt that I stole from a young Duke, that was like me... Healthy and strong, yet a bit petit. That didnt really matter though, he was a handsome young lad. Well, that was until I had to drain him for Fiona's amusement... I can still see his horrified expression... I could see how betrayed he felt, even though he did not know me, and how scared he was. I dont know why, but it burned itself into the back of my mind, appearing only when I take another life. Which I suppose is why I only drink every other three days, seeing as I dont really have to drink every day... I discovered this, in my eleventh year.
His name was Louis Syfer the third. His father, Louis Syfer the second... And to his father I was sold. Ironic, isnt it? Well, I thought it was funny.
Louis Syfer the second, now known to me as Lucifer, first wanted me to come to his mansion as a maid. After he saw me... He had different things in mind. My first night in the mansion was alright. My room was shared with two other girls that did not like me, however. They thought of me as prudish, and too naive because I would never take part in swapping erotic stories with the others in my spare time, and instead I would finish my chores or find a sleeping person to feed off of like a leech. I thought of them as crude, and too willing to grow up. Besides, I knew they were still virgins. Their scents were too fresh. But I guess that does not matter now, seeing as they're dead...
My first real encounter with the duke was while I was cleaning his bed chamber. I could hear that he was in his bathroom and taking a bath from the patterns the air made as it came out from under the door. I should have paid more attention, though. As I was cleaning the floor around his desk, I felt someone put their hands on my waist, to pull me closer. Of course, I reconized his scent. Yes, m'lord?, I asked, standing up and turning around. He was very tall... And I will admit that he was very handsome. I had to look up to see his face. He was only dressed in a robe, as he smiled, and cupped my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. Yes, m'lord?, I said a bit louder. He chuckled, and shook his head. Ah, so naive, so fresh, He whispered. No normal person could hear it, although I did.
I stepped back, disgusted. Pervert. Now, while it is true that a vampire gets stronger as time goes on, it take a long time to get like Marius or Lestat. Or, Zillah if you prefer Poppy Z. Brite... And for me, I had the strength of a youth, nothing compared to this man. He laughed louder, and took a step towards me, grabbing my wrists and flinging me onto his bed. Bloody hell, what was that for?! I shouted, gathering myself, as his laugh echoed in my mind. What does he want from me? This kept going through my head as I slipped down from the bed. His stare was unnerving.

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Written about Saturday 2005-05-21
Written: (6708 days ago)

Ah, another monolouge... I cant spell...

Once I went out with my brother to Denny's. It was fun. We got dressed up... He wore his girly pin-striped pants and a jacket, some dress shoes and a tie. I put black eye liner on him, and some lipgloss. I dressed up in my usual get up, the black baggy leather pants and white shirt... I had lace cuffs that time, though... I made my make-up match his, and we put on our top hats... We didnt really do anything. We just hung out at odd places, getting stares from pretty people, beautiful people, interesting people, and the like. It was fun...

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Written about Thursday 2005-05-19
Written: (6710 days ago)

All I remember from that night is getting bathed by Fiona, getting my hair combed, and dancing. We happened upon some traders that passed by our spot, but I didnt eat. I didnt care...

Fiona complained about my stomach looking as though it were about to cave in, as she poked my ribs that were showing through my thin dress. If you could call it that... It barely covered me, and my sleeves would slip off from my shoulders. I only shrugged, and wandered off to find something to pass the time with (Time crawls by just as slowly with Vampires as with humans. Maybe even slower?). Mayhaps I would find a pond with some fishies to watch? Perhaps a wild dog to romp with? I didnt care. Fiona was getting on my nerves, and I wanted to get out... The sooner, the better. I just had to find the right time to slip off into the dusk. After a while of wandering, I stumbled into a cove of trees that blotched out the moon light... Though it didnt matter, I could see just as fine. Fasinated, I explored the small space, I crawled up the trees to see how high they were, and to see if I could touch the moon. Non, I said dissapointedly after landing from the jump down off a tree. Oh well, I thought. Theres always tomorrow...

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Written about Thursday 2005-05-19
Written: (6711 days ago)

Only once after the encounter with the ladies have I seen my family. She allowed me to say a quick good-bye with my family… I hated her. I still do. She dangled my choices in front of me, but never let me decide. The small reunion was a sad one. My brothers were determined to kill her, my mum wept, and my father did both. I hugged them all, and I kept apologizing, about everything I had ever done in my life that had led up to this, and had given them grief. My departure was a sad one, and I had to be dragged away. The night was crisp, and felt clean. My star was fading along with my sanity. Not that I had any left… I thought grimly, now trudging behind Her. Her lackeys danced around Her, and she sang. Her voice is beautiful, I thought whilst becoming entranced by it.
We stopped by a small pond, and bathed. I looked down at my ghostly reflection, and ran my hands down my body. I was always told by my mother that I developed early. If you were in the city, girls would be jealous, Mum would say, as she loosened the dress around my breasts. I never liked talking about it, and I guess I still don’t… I was slapped. Hard. I fell to my knees in front of her, and started to apologize, even though I did not know why I was being punished. She lifted my chin up, and a small smile curled the corners of her lips. What is she doing?, I asked myself as she kissed my lips softly, and helped me to my feet. She embraced me, and whispered Fiona into my ear. Fiona?, I asked confused. She replied saying, That’s what you shall call me for now on, dear. Oh, I thought. Fiona. Too innocent a name for her. I only nodded. She placed one of her fingers over my lips when I started to ask… What was it I wished to ask? I forgot… But she asked my name instead. Res Angelus Nullus. Fiona laughed a little, and shook her head. She re-named me Necavi D. Omnes, This name will suit you more, for now on. Except you may decide what the D stands for dear. Her breath sent shivers down my spine… It smelled like mint and poppies… Quite a lovely smell, truth be told…

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Written about Wednesday 2005-05-18
Written: (6711 days ago)

Lookie lookie, my first entry. That I shall... grace with the introduction I made up whilst talking with [madhalf] (hes awesome). Hes been hounding me to make more to it, so I will... Mayhaps even make it into a book and publish it, aye? *smiles a little* Enjoy.

I was born in a small cottage, that my da built among the green rolling hills I called home. Ireland was a beautiful place, and still is. I got little schooling, compared to my brothers, and it was all in myths and folklore. I grew up swimming among the fishies, and singing with the birds I would find nesting in the little clump of trees behind our small home. My mum was a good woman, always making sure we got fed, and made sure we all had warm clothing in the winter, while my da was one of the best men you could ever meet. He was honest and hard working, never afraid to displine, yet he never over did it. And he always warned me never to go beyond the trees because, "Its not a suitable place for girls." But, being the stubborn little girl I was, I decided to explore. A breath-taking place. I always knew nature is beautiful, but I never realized it until then. And what’s this?, I thought as I heard giggles, and hushes. I stepped closer to the lake, not too far off into the woods, and saw four lovely water maidens. I heard about them, and how they liked to transform peeping men into toads, and other various animals. Needless to say, they noticed me, too. One of them got up from the water, and walked towards me, strange seeing how they run away from the mere presence of mortals. She fingered a lock of my Autumn hair, unusual for my family since they were blonde, and twisted it slowly about her finger. She looked into my eyes, and I into hers. Right then, I knew she was not a water maiden, but something far more dangerous. I tried to pull away and run. She only caught me, and held me to herself. I became intoxicated with her being, her scent, her essence, but soon snapped to reality when I felt sharp pains in my neck. She sucked my blood as though it were water, and forced me to drink hers after ripping into her own skin. This went on for hours in an endless cycle, before she finally let me go. She carried me to the pool where the ladies waited, and laughed at me. My helplessness. She bathed me, combed my hair, and rubbed strange oils into my skin. Now, I don’t know exactly when the change occurred, it was all so painful and my sense of time had fled, but I as I looked upon myself in her looking glass, I knew I had changed. My skin, paler, my stormy-green eyes darker than before, my left eye having a tinge of violet... What’s this?, I asked myself, running one of my fingers over a fang.
It took not ten minutes. I knew then what I was, and what I had become.


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