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Written about Tuesday 2007-03-20
Written: (6040 days ago)

won't you tell me, why you love her. wont you tell me, why you dream of her. won't you tell me, why youd die for her, why youd bleed for her, and why youd kill for her. oh won't you tell me, why she so much better than me. better than me. oh i still love you. oh i love you. more than ever. ever ever in the whole, the whole entire world. tell me, oh won't you tell me, why you never think of me, even though we were meant to be. oh please tell me, tell me, why you fell for her and not the romantic me. oh please won't you tell me.........

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Written about Thursday 2006-09-28
Written: (6212 days ago)

today i am in pain. i got my bottom braces on yesterday and they hurt really bad. today i am causing tons of trouble as usual. all the girls are hatin on me again just cause i hang out with guys. what can i say. im not a girly-girly. today i did a roast beef and it was awesome. i did another impossible today and 50-50 the railing inside the skool. i got in trouble but i don't care. it was fun as hell. well, g2g. right now im sneaking on the computer during class. :-) *jess*

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