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Written about Monday 2016-05-23
Written: (732 days ago)

No comments in the 1300 days since I posted 'dat! No fairs! No luffs. Slight updated. Much miss. <3

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Written about Sunday 2008-03-16
Written: (3722 days ago)
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I need to stop browsing here, I always end up with hurt feelings afterwards.
I wonder if the people I cared for...
The people I hurt.

I wonder if they ever think of me.
I wonder if I'll ever see them again.
I wonder if they'd ever forgive me.

All I can do is keep looking forward and hope I don't ever fall nose first in the dirt again.
I'm smarter, more mature, better, stronger, loyaler, honester...

Yet still I lament making the choices I made.
If you ever see this...
I'm so sorry.
I hope you could forgive me.

You'd know who you are.
-Love and kisses.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-08
Written: (3790 days ago)

Wow... I hate my presentation, and almost everything I ever was. It all seems so... Immature now. I mean seriously... I've grown way too much since I quit Elf Pack, y'know? Actually, I shouldn't say that, I really like the tributes to me from others... I miss you guys, seriously. Anyways, I just thought I'd drop by to give you all a friendly hello. You're never gonna get to see who I used to be, if you loved me the way I was, since I'm a bit more mature now... Yet... Still a total partier. xD
But... if you want to get a hold of new-me... Drop me a message.
Lelayne@live.ca ...
That works as a Windows Live Messenger account as well as a place where you can drop me e-mails.
Hope to hear from some peoples.

As always, love and kisses.

-Lelayne al'Celia
(New internet ie... Got a ring to it, no? :) )

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Written about Tuesday 2007-11-27
Written: (3832 days ago)

I'm sorry I haven't been around. Every time I see this place I get sad. X_X
I really think I need to talk to Cazzi and Kawa sometime... If you two ever see this could you PM me? @.@;
You two used to be my favz people in the world and, well... I miss you. ._.;  
I hope the future is more pleasant than the past. I know personally, I am a lot more mature than before. >:)

Love you two either way. O_O;

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-22
Written: (4233 days ago)

Little did I know then
Where this would go
When this begun
Once I was free to fly...
I never promised anything
This may well be goodbye

Don't ask why
Don't be sad
Sometimes we all
Must alter paths we planned
Only try understand
I want to save you
From the lost and damned

Although you hold me close
I feel retention arise
Just as a hint of fear
Like subtle clouds
In summer skies
Once in the moonlight...
I can't explain
And I don't know
Somehow we may reunite

Don't ask why
Don't be sad
Sometimes we all
Must alter paths we planned
Don't forget what we had
But let me save you
From the lost and damned

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Written about Wednesday 2006-07-19
Written: (4328 days ago)

My eye is like.. All twitchy and stuff.. o.O;
I just thought you all should know that.

Isn't it *sexy*?!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-10-25
Written: (4595 days ago)

'Kay, I'll try to be online right after school, KaWaKiNz. x.x

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Written about Saturday 2005-10-15
Written: (4605 days ago)

What to do?

What do I do?


Don't make them worry!

Fake a smile..

If only for a moment.

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Written about Friday 2005-10-14
Written: (4606 days ago)

Sowwi KaWa..! I logged off cuz I thought you were gone.. and then the school computers wouldn't let me log back on anymore..

CaZZLeZ, I missed you by like.. literally five minutes.
Damn me for needing to use the bathroom! >.<;

'Kay.. I'm going to be honest..!
I heard about the.. thing! And..
At first, I was a little jealous, and felt really left out..

But after thinking..
I think it's great..
And you two both still want to be a part of me..
I have no reason to felt left out.

I love you both..

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Written about Thursday 2005-10-13
Written: (4608 days ago)

etherealnightmares: Has it logged off yet?
cencored?: Yes.
etherealnightmares: Oh.
etherealnightmares: o.o
cencored?: Hes hitting on everyone...
etherealnightmares: Did he hit on you yet?
cencored?: As Jess yes.

'Kay 'Kay.. so..

Who does it love?!
Me, Cazzles, KaWa.. the unknown person.. or all the people the unknown person knows?!

Lol. Answer: everyone.

And we wonder why it's manipulative...

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Written about Wednesday 2005-10-12
Written: (4608 days ago)

[E's dra milgeacd bancuh eh dra funmt.. <3]

E ryja dra dfu sucd banvald
kenmc eh dra ahdena funmt
yd so ceta, yht drana'c
hudrehk suna E luimt fecr
vun eh dra ahdena funmt.

E muja oui pudr.
So pnekrdacd cdyn.
So Apem Geddar Ybbfahdela.


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Written about Sunday 2005-10-09
Written: (4611 days ago)

I learned an important lesson today..
No matter how hard you try to prove yourself..
You can never change the oppinion
or false accusations about yourself that are seen
through another's eyes.
You can never force them to see their own faults,
and you can never force them to see you for what you are.

I'm better than that now, I've reached the above level of that.
Sad, how I am so young, and learning lessons that my immature ex-bosses fail to realize, even to this moment.

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Written about Friday 2005-09-30
Written: (4620 days ago)
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Good news everyone..!
I finally got my computer to a level of somewhat good functionality, and.. on top of that, I got my soundcard and my usb ports to work again. That means.. psp stuff is now available for me, plus..! I can hear things. The first thing I tried hearing was Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, and I was mesmerized by how much better the movie was with music..! Especially the final battle. (I'm trying not to have any more spoilers. :p)

The next few days will probably be experement, i.e: To find out if my computer can function as it is, or if I need to fix it further. >.<;'..
Bear with me if I'm not around as much.. and, I'm sorry..!

I love her
More than the air I breath
More than a warm breeze..
More than anything..

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Written about Tuesday 2005-09-27
Written: (4623 days ago)


too tired...
I'll be back at 6am my time..
It's currently 12:10am..

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Written about Monday 2005-09-26
Written: (4624 days ago)

[Wolf.of.Memories] didn't let me and
[The Darkest Star.] switch "bitch" titles.
But don't worry Cazzles..
You'll always be "bitch number 1" in my heart,
if I can be "bitch number 3". <3
</inside joke>

I missle yew [On Any Given Night].
Where art thou pwetteh one gone?!
I NeeD YeW!..
I missed yew by seventy minutes..

I still think that
[Wolf.of.Memories] needs to get a hobby..


Isn't that sweet... I dedicate that to
[Ayame Whitepaws], [Wolf.of.Memories], i.e: BabyKitten.
They're all the same, afterall. :p
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Written about Sunday 2005-09-25
Written: (4625 days ago)


I give dis to my lurve.
Don't move yur eyez too much
on it or u'll get tweekish. <.<


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Written about Saturday 2005-09-24
Written: (4626 days ago)

Off too bed.
Be alive in the morning.

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Written about Saturday 2005-09-24
Written: (4626 days ago)

[Some Memories]

[Aren't Meant To Leave Traces.]

And as such.. I will follow that "rule"..
A mere memory of no traces.. a scourched
image of a forgotten one.

Don't forget me.
I'll never forget you.

I'll be around from time to time
And someday.. I'll be back.
On the day that she no longer hurts for me..
On the day that I no longer make her cry..

Until then, concider me..
On vacation.. :\
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Written about Tuesday 2005-09-20
Written: (4630 days ago)

[There's someplace you gotta be..]
[Something you gotta do..]
[Only you can do it..]
[We can't help you..]

Of all the countless roads
I could have walked
I chose pain and agony..
Foolish, you may say
But I'd walk this road every day
If it brought a smile to her face
Even just once...

"You can erase my memories,
but afterwords..
promise me we'll still be friends?"
[If Only The World Were That Simple..]

I am nothing
A lost little nothing
without the ones I love,
because they are truly..
everything to me..

"Star", the fairest and brightest..
And my best friend..
My "Ebil Kitteh Appwentice"..
You, the two of you..
Are my only.. my only chance..
..at life..

"Cut me down and I'm gone for good."
..Such an easy phrase to utter..
But such a hard phrase to stay truthful to.

I know where my home is, now..
And I know who brought me there..
Not just one..
But two..

A second chance..?
That I don't deserve.
An appology is all I can offer..
That, and my loyalty..
But they had that all along..

Where this road will lead me, I do not know.
What will happen on the way, I do not know.
The only thing I do know, is..
If I don't follow this road,
I'll never forgive myself
for abandoning the ones I love..

[That's all]
[Take it, or leave it..]

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Written about Sunday 2005-09-18
Written: (4632 days ago)


[Bleeding Dry, From Inside-Out.]

[A bitter pain, nearly delicious]

[Stops the heart from beating]

[At the very moment of final breath]

I would like to appologize to [On Any Given Night],
for being a bitch tonight.. I'm sorry..

I would like to appologize to [The Darkest Star.],
for making her feel bad.. v.v

And.. I would like to appologize to [Skadia],
for being a niave halfwit.. ~.~;'...

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