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Written about Friday 2008-03-28
Written: (5301 days ago)

the girl who told me to kill myself is Rasockie44 on here. im done fuck it dude's im gone fuck this life

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Written about Friday 2008-03-28
Written: (5301 days ago)

i lost my friends and i lost my soul and i lost my life this night is were i die one girl told me to do it fine ok i well fuck this world... peace world

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Written about Friday 2008-03-28
Written: (5301 days ago)

hey my dream was about the end of the world. it all started like this. nasa found a way for us to live on mar's we had a place there a big place for some of us. but somethin went wrong some of the ppl who was on earth had to die..... i was one of them. all the ship's were goin some of my family went to mar's all the ppl i cared about. the whole sky was so black like ash lookin and ash foolin. this happend after the 7 year's was up that God did not take to haven. i asked God if i could stay behind and help them get to see God and He leted me. the world we live on now looked like we had a war goin on a war zone like bomb's goin off. the earth was shakin i couldn't stand up. i tried the best as i can goin around tellin ppl there is a God and He want's us with Him. This dream didn't feel like a dream it was real to me cuz i told myself to wake up.... i couldn't i tried and tried and everytime i did i saw fire coming to me and ppl burning and me on fire tryin to wake up the best as i can then i heard somethin slame down beside of me. when i got up tho i was really how swetin like i never swet b4... idk y i had this dream but i was scared about it alot. this is one dream that i don't want to happend in real life.

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Written about Friday 2007-07-06
Written: (5567 days ago)

Hey my name is Rocky i go to sand hill baptist chruch here in South Carolina. I am looking for 1 singer, and 1 guitar player , 1 drumer, 1 bass player, and 2 wrighters. this is not for money we well not get payed and if we do it well go to the chruch and for the youth. the only way we well get payed is from God remember what we r doing this for is for God and only Him. If u like to do this plz leave a message on here. This is not for our glory but God's glory. were r in Elgin off of wild wood ln. This is not for pay but for God we r trying to reach out to ppl to bring them closer to God no matter what. again this is for no pay

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