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Written about Wednesday 2008-01-02
Written: (4249 days ago)

sex is like math

...a smile leads to a laugh

...a laugh leads to a high 5

...a high 5 leads to a hug

...a hug leads to a kiss

...a kiss leads 2 a makeout

...makeout leads to a feel up

...a feel up leads 2 a finger

...a finger leads to a hand

...a hand leads to a lick

...a lick leads to a suck

...a suck leads 2 a fuck.

...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math.

...u add the bed

..subtract the clothes

...divide the legs

...leave your solution

...and pray you dont multiply

post this right after u read it,

something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow.

Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!!

Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed with relationship problems 4-10 years.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-08
Written: (4396 days ago)

ok so i have a new poem.. and i love it.. tell me what you think..

I Thought I Was messing up, walking away from you.

But now I realize, it was the right thing to do.

You wanted more than I was ready to give.

You Loved Me Like No Other

But, I wasn't ready for what you offered.

My heart told me to get out ASAP.

I felt for you what I felt for No Other.

But I got scared, and left.

I wasn't intending on making you fall in love with me.

And I really didn't mean to break your heart.

I just really wanted to be free.

I felt like I had to be free

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-30
Written: (5135 days ago)

Ok.. me and James my friend since like 5th grade are talkin and he tells me he's had a crush on me since 7th grade.. I'm like what? I've had a crush on you since the 6th grade.. So we're sitting here and the more we talk the more i like him. And It's really hard to move away when you like someone so bad.. Someone talk to me get me outta this misery..
When he told me he hadda go I said "Ok sweetie I'll talk to you later." I Said Bye, and he said "Bye Beautiful" I've never had anyone call me beautiful, it's always been pretty or cutie, but never beautiful... God I Love Him..
<3 Zara..

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