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Written about Tuesday 2010-04-13
Written: (3569 days ago)

well yesturday went good got 14 fish all together as well as i got red as a lobster. boy am i feeling it today i am on fire. but today wasn't my day and i was wishing it could of been better i don't want to redo this day the only way i would to make it where i slept all day where i wouldn't see it at all. the one thing that is true that life ain't simple and i wish it could be. There is too many drama queens and bullshit around here that i could live with out. Bad thing is when it is ur own mother doing it just because of who i am with and there is nothing wrong with him god he raised 4 daughters by himself. and now a fifth one but i am here with that one. i am with a guy that don't believe in cheating and i know he won't. he does anything for me. i love him with all my heart and nothing will ever change that for anything in the world. you couldn't even give me all the money in the world and i would never be without him. i don't know where i would be if it wasn't for him. i would of probably be in jail from where i was living in newport kentucky at the time and i was about to do something i didn't need to do so he drove from indiana to newport to come and get me so i would stay out of jail.

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Written about Friday 2010-04-09
Written: (3573 days ago)

Today is ok just got out of the shower and man i feel all fresh and clean. My daughter has been running around playing chasing the dog and watching out the window. Got to go fishing last week and hopefully this sunday i am going fishing 

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