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Written about Tuesday 2007-03-06
Written: (4840 days ago)

I am writing in here to tell all that read this... this is the only one that you will ever read... I am not the kind of person to write a description of my day... I don't even want to tell of my day... that sounds like a lot of bull**** that a lot of people could live without stepping in... Wouldn't you think so? Some people call me weird, a geek, or what ever insult they think of... I think they are all stupid and need to get a new life as a Chinese immigrant on some farm working for fifty cents per hour... You may insult me all you want... I know how to do things that are much worse or it can get better for me... This may sound like it should be on my house... but I don't think so... I think that it should be here for only the people who care... so give a damn all you want... because I wont... People say to look on the bright side of life... If you have seen what I have... The light starts to burn your eyes... I guess I should pat you on the head and tell you that I think you are a good friend for caring for my tormented soul... but my walls still stand and my barrier is still strong... and I still have yet to open up to anyone that gave a damn later... I don't know that many people that were nice to me either... so if I go into a "I hate you" phase... it will last a long time... But I still don't want to hold a grudge for nothing... anyway... I would forget it soon... but not always... remember that...

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