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Written about Monday 2007-12-31
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blah, it's new year's eve and I'm sooo eff-ing bored! god, I can't wait til school starts so I don't hafta do no more calculus!!! yeah that's my punishment fer bad grades, oh well. When school starts again I can see the new guy I like, I gave up on mr soccer in my last post, but hey maybe I might have a shot w/ this new guy *shrugs* maybe I should just give up on finding love right now in high school...like my g-ma says "only a truly dependent woman NEEDS a man, only date someone who's going to go in the same direction as you and support your dreams as much as u support him" yup that's all I can think to write right now *whew*

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Written about Tuesday 2007-11-13
Written: (6086 days ago)
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Hey y'all! I don't know if anyone even will read this so Imma just put down stuff I think of...

Well as I think about tomorrow my stomache does belly flips...another day, another chance to see him, and also another chance to make a complete fool out of myself.
He's so cute and nice, and funny, but he doesnt feel the same way, which sux, cuz I REALLY like him... well I g2g so I'll probably write more later

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