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Written about Sunday 2007-06-03
Written: (4817 days ago)

dont you hate it when you put something on you screenname you really dont want to live with . i just ran across a screenname Gore_4@______ sucks for you right. im sorry that everyone can only see whats right in the future. use you fuckin brain! are you always going to lovealyssia087 are you alwys gonna be a inyuashiapunk89 i dont think. so ill problebly hate my fucking self for putting triggahappynigga up what the fuck was i thinking!!....

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Written about Sunday 2007-06-03
Written: (4817 days ago)

i fucking hate internet lingo "lol, omg, agl" dont you know fucking english USE it. i dont care if its butchered fuck it up all you want just dont fuckin kill it with this pussy lingo goddamnit

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Written about Friday 2007-06-01
Written: (4819 days ago)
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Goddamn i hate pansys. "am i hot?" "do i have big boobs" "am i ugly? I dont give a flying fuck if your boyfreind or girl friend just cheated on you and you walked in on them while they were having wild raunchy unprotected sex- don't complain. you know why? because this is an internet community. do you want 67 year old perverts jacking off to your pic while there pretending they are only 16? goddammit use your goddamn head do you know what could happen?  goddammit!!

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