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Written about Thursday 2008-06-19
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okay i know what i have done is wrong but there is way too much drama in my life i cant do it i just want to leave this hell hole get out of fucking vancouver i just need to leave somewhere i talked to someone and im gonna try to go to a foster home i know it might suck but who cares its got to be better than home i need to figure out if my mom even cares enough to try and find me i mean she doesnt tell me she loves me she doesnt show that she cares she just says all im gonna do is end up like my piece of shit dad i hate my dad he even fucking forgot my birthday fuck that i think its bull shit cause i had to text him and make him feel like shit for him to even call me both my parents are dumb cause my mom is always bitchen about how the house is not clean but it is and bitchen sayin im gonna end up like my dad fuck that i just wish one thing i hear all my friends parents say they love them why dont my mom do the same thing? i just need to get my life back on track and not have to deal with drama in my life i need to find me and i need to be a kid for once instead of always grounded<img:mood7-gif.gif><img:mood7-gif.gif>

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Written about Tuesday 2007-12-18
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yesterday was pretty much the most fucked up day in the world my best friend hates me for some shit i didnt mean to do i was really wasted and i told her boyfriend that she was scared she might cheat on him because the guy she fucked is back and she might have sex with him again im not saying she will but because of their past she was scared and now my best friend says that i am a dumb bitch
and that our friendship is over i dont care anymore i am dumb though cause i cut myself because of it

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