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Written about Thursday 2007-08-16
Written: (6129 days ago)


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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-07
Written: (6139 days ago)

Minamoto-no-Yorimitsu, slayer of evil

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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-25
Written: (6151 days ago)

ok, ahh it feels good to be telling storys again, been a long time. let me frist set the sence, this took place in a small back yard, no grass just sand, there are two white metal sheds one up in the left corner of the yard the other was off to the right. there are two paths of stepping stones that lead to the sheds on the far end the yard rolls into a small hill with a gardin on it in this gardin is a hugh limon tree. i was about 7, maybe 8 years old, i was playing in the back yard, around sun rise, it was summer so i had no school and i loved watching the sun come up with star, star was a white labrador my family saved her from a... lets just say bad home when i was 3 and from then on she was my protector. any way, i was playing when i heared a earth pounding sound. it was like a wall being blown up, saddly thats what it was, there where two dogs (that i could see then) one was a small Rottweiler the other was a german shepard. they just stood there staring at me. then ohhh then the true nightmare started, another Rottweiler came out from the shadows of the old limon tree. watching it step forwerd was like watching a nightmare come to life only i wasn't waking up. just then sable (a fat miget shar-pei that was half blind) came out side, she stood there for a momnet then started barking then the three strays chagred out i was soo scared i couldnt move... the biggest rott got me, and bite my face to this day i have a scar between my eyes from his teeth. i just knew it was going to kill me but star jumped on it and pulled it off me then then rest of the dogs came out there they were like proud warriors of the old world, magoo, the lead dog, he was a horse haired golden shar-pei, (horse hair means he didnt have wrikles but insted had tight skin that showed all his muslces ) beside him was his mate chancy, a black long coat shar-pei, then there was cinde, she was short like sable but not fat, i yelled to them and at once they chagred the fight, magoo and chancy fought the smaller Rottweiler, and sable and cinde fought the german shepard, i lay there bleeding has the chaos got worse, magoo and chancy were doing ok but cinde and sable were not doing to well, then (and this is my fav part of the story) chancys four puppys came out to fight, i didnt want them in it but what could i do? the four puppys ran out and started helping cinde and sable, even the german shepard couldnt fight 6 on 1 and he ran away, but not before sable gave him on last hit, cinde and sable were hurt and tired they there was nothing more they could do so they started pushing the puppys to safty, that left magoo, chancy and star to face the two Rottweilers. star was fighting the bigger one under the limon tree and magoo and chancy where fighting the smaller one in the center of the yard. it didnt take long for the small one to lose his brave-ness and he ran but when he tried to jump the fence he got stuck so magoo being the "genltemen" that he was, helpped the poor mut... by biting that evil jerk on the butt, ohhh that Rottweiler cried in pain and pulled him self over the fence and didnt look back. then a chill ran down my back, every thing seemed to stop, star fought the bigger Rottweiler alone magoo and chancy didnt go to help her. try has star did she couldnt over power him he was just too big and too much of a fighter, i had to help, star risked her life for me and now was the time to return the favor, i draged my self to my feet blood running down my face, and picked up a small rock. i threw it with all my might and got the monster right in the back of his big head. he turned and chagred me but i was ready now, i grabed the gardin hose and swung it like a whip and nailed him in the eye. he rose up on his back legs (i sware it almost looked like he changed shape) but that was just what star was waiting for, she got under him and lefted him clear off the ground he slamed his head in to the limon tree with a painfull bang it almost sounded like a gun going off. the big Rottweiler stumbled for a moment then ran away. after that i went to my mom and told her what happened if not for all the blood on me she said she wouldn't have believed me. but i went to the doctor and all the dogs went to the vet, every one was ok in the end but some times i still see that monster dog, they say animals dont have good or evil in them but i dont think that, if there is evil in this world i say i have never gotten closer to it then when i saw that Rottweiler...

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Written about Tuesday 2007-07-24
Written: (6152 days ago)

*watchs duck that isnt really there walk by* ... this, is saddly what i do... hot catgirls nooo i have to see ducks... wow that cold medicne is strong...

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Written about Monday 2007-07-23
Written: (6153 days ago)

im soo lonely... wow... im a sad case... i wonder if any one reads this??

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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-18
Written: (6159 days ago)

i sooooooo need a life *pounds head on desk*

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Written about Monday 2007-07-16
Written: (6161 days ago)

more and more team HC is growing in numbers and work with the help of my two advizers i have thought up a nice plan i will break my team into three groups i and one artist will work on my flag ship comic. the rest of the team will be paired of so there is a writer and artist working together one a comic so far we have three comics which means i need another artist how ever i am getting bad feelings from one of my writers i fear he may be feeling useless or unwanted in the team...

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-15
Written: (6162 days ago)

damn you balance of happyness and saddness! just has i meet a girl i like i end up on the egde of losing another friend!!!

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-15
Written: (6162 days ago)

i cant believe it!!! team HC is forming, i was able to make peace with a enemy and now i meet a girl that likes me!!! lol is it wrong to feel this happy!!?

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-15
Written: (6162 days ago)

There is nothing that is more worth seeing then a female's smile and nothing more against the way the nature's beauty is meant to seem. When a female is sad her true beauty is locked away. Only when she smiles is she meant to be... truly meant to be beautiful..For a female's smile is a precious gift in a man's eyes. So wont you look up at me one last time, let me see that beautiful smile that helped create this rhyme.

luna helpped me write this :)

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Written about Saturday 2007-07-14
Written: (6163 days ago)

what odd things you see when you look at the clouds for the past few days i have seen countless clouds that look like dragons which is very odd for my chinese sign is the dragon seeing many dragons in the sky i wonder if maybe its a sign from the heavons. yes thats it the dragons are a sign of my forming team HC haha even the heavons are on my side it is fate my dream will come true!!

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-08
Written: (6168 days ago)

and so once again i must be reminded that with others is not my place... i belong to and with only the darkness and so i will stay this time

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-08
Written: (6168 days ago)

well i made a friend here. her names luna, has for a signle female for my self... well i may be a god but a chick magnit i seem to be not... and finding a artist has proven hard but i got at lest one guy that said he'd try so i got to wait for that.

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-08
Written: (6168 days ago)

lol after all the years of saying I AM A GOD!! i am one now i joined a group called gods of elfpack and have become the god of the night.

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-08
Written: (6168 days ago)

is it me or are all the girls that arn't sluts ether men haters or have BFs?? soo unfair... :_(

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-08
Written: (6168 days ago)

well to day wasn't a very good start. when i disided to start looking for a artist to work with i thought i'd at lest find people so far i've found two, one, im not sure i should/can trust and the other will most likely say no and think im just trying to hit on her, ok true i love females, but i sware i only want to work with her.. not that she dosnt seem cool a bit odd but hell when have i called that a bad thing? ha maybe tomarrow will prove better ... or maybe a pack of catgirls will come to my house... nether seem likely...

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