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Written about Wednesday 2010-12-15
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So what makes a great man worth while for a meaning relationship?...

Is it the popularity of a man?
How much money is in his pocket?
His daring badass attitude? (to which he will only hurt you in the end)
maybe it's just how he looks as bein sexy?

Love is a very complicated thing but it is the best of things! Love is a very special gift that GOD has graced us all with if we choose to take that path. While there are many important things you look for in the opposite sex, never overlook the most important thing and it goes deeper then all the rest. It's his or her heart! Will he/she be there for me no matter when in the time of need? Will he/she care for you when your depressed or sad to comfort you?

I'm not sure why I have such a hard time with finding or getting a wonderful girl to see these things and think I could be the one? What more can I show or prove? I'm tired of feeling empty inside and finding girl who could a smile on my face each and every day would be the greatest gift of all! I just hope love finds me sooner then later ;-)

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