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Written about Wednesday 2006-09-13
Written: (6228 days ago)

to the world... here i stand
no i am not the one of the type to live by subculture
would it make the difference?
no, i am not the worshpper of your christ but is it wrong for what i did
i know i'll never live it down but beleive me
i know it wasnt wrong
you can call me weak and unstable
probably thats why i did it
my responcibility... i recognize that
but i did the responcible thing so dont hate me
my choice
my choice
no its not yours
if you cant handle it
if you have no ambition
if you think i lack moral
well i cant change you... but you cant change me
so i am your equal
dont deny it
i couldnt give a shit
i am immature
probably thats another reason
and no i'm not prepared... thats why i did it
i dont promote murder... but i promote choice
so its my priority
and if you know me... please i am a wreck
and i'm tired and fed up
you know i could have done better if i knew how
and please dont hate me
i promise i will be better the next time even if i'm not ready if thats what you want
but thats it
what do you want?

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Written about Monday 2006-05-29
Written: (6335 days ago)
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to my darling Stepan
though you will never be able to read this
though i'll never be able to see
hear you
feel you
love you
i dont know, but i do
i love you with all my heart, as much as [ally_cat1] and [Death2nat]. we love you
and i am lost because it is you who i can never see again
and yet i am the proudest girl for knowing you, the very few men in this world
stepan is a man, 17 years old but man enough
and i love you
forever and for always
and i bid you farewell

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