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Written about Friday 2009-10-30
Written: (4894 days ago)

headache... bloody leg... lonelyness...

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Written about Sunday 2009-10-25
Written: (4898 days ago)

He walks unseen. He speaks unheard. He lives unloved. He remains unwanted.

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Written about Tuesday 2007-07-24
Written: (5723 days ago)

dear diary,

        bite me.


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Written about Monday 2007-03-05
Written: (5864 days ago)

when u love someone and they love you to ur happy. but it always hurts some one close to u who u want to protect. that girl who sometimes gets hurt bc of my love you know who u are.


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Written about Friday 2007-01-26
Written: (5902 days ago)

y is everyone i care about slowly drifting away. what in the hell did i do?

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Written about Friday 2006-08-11
Written: (6070 days ago)

    "What the?" the northern leader stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. "What the hell are you?"
    "I am a knight sent by the Lord Hades to aid this kingdom." the kinght stood above the northerner, the tip of his sword pressed to the man's neck. "I am a knight of the Order of the Darkness, and you are dead." The knights sword passed through the leader's neck like a knife through butter.
    Upon seeing this the morale of the castle guard rose and they pushed the northerners back cheering all the while, "For the Queen! For the Queen!"
   What will happen next? wait and find out.

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Written about Friday 2006-08-11
Written: (6070 days ago)

   Arrows flew over the castle walls bringing down many of its guards. The knight jumped down to the ground level where many northerners had already breached the walls, and struck down 5 with one swing.
   “Curses! Is there anyone who can beat this man?” The northern leader shouted as the knight cut down 10 more northerners.
    “I am no mere man.” Said the knight as he reached the leader. “I am a knight from Hell.” The knights armor changed into a bone design and all stopped, turning to watch the him. 
         Yet more of this story to come

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Written about Friday 2006-08-11
Written: (6070 days ago)

Hades Helpind Hand.
    By: Matthew Bowen

  "Your majesty!" the knight said while entering the throne room sweping into a quick bow.
  "Yes. My knight," the queen said as the knight stoped before the throne.
  "The enimies from the North are coming,"
the knight said.
  "Ready the troops for battle. We will met their atack head on," the queen ordered the knight.
  "Yes my queen." the knight said. Giving quick bow he quickly left to carry out his orders.
  "Men! We are to met the Northerners assualt head on! For the queen!" the knight yelled thrusting his sword in to the air.
  "For the queen!" all the soldiers yelled in return.
  With the creeing of his men, the dawned his helmet. "Now to your posts for they arrive soon!" the knight shouted the order to the soldeirs and they carried it out.
  The Northerners arived and their leader stepped forward. "We are here to conqer your kingdom!" thier leader shouted.
  "Over our dead bodies!" the knight shouted back.
  "That can be made possibile!" shouted the Northerner.
  More of this tale to come.

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