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*Artsie's* Art

This wiki-page is indexed under Artsieladie-Art.



Welcome to my older wiki-pages, showcasing my older art that is NOT part of my graphics I have donated for Elfpack
members to use in their houses or on wiki-pages. For my graphics I AM donating for ONLY Elfpack members to use
here on Elfpack, ONLY, see:

*Artsie's* Graphics and Graphics-By-Artsieladie

All creative works on my pages are created by/©copyrighted to [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly,
unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved.


I'm not happy I have to add this block of text notice to every page, because my artwork is being stolen right and left, used
by non-members and is being offered as 'free to use' on/from other websites in their collections without my permission, since
"created by/copyrighted to" doesn't seem to be sufficient enough for some who make it a habit to steal other people's works.
So, to those who are thinking about taking, using, offering to others MY work, etc., violating my copyright, this next chunk of
text leaves you with NO excuse for violating my copyright. FYI: "I" have never placed ANY of my works in 'public domain'!!!


<img:> - Any and all graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members to use for ANY reason without MY PERMISSION!

<img:> - Any and all art/graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members OR members to add to and/or offer from ANY
      other collections on ANY other website, period! NO EXCEPTIONS!

<img:> - Any and all my creative endeavors I post on this site are NOT for ANYONE to use, modify, offer for use, etc. without
      MY PERMISSION with the ONE exception being: ONLY Elfpack members can use my graphics ONLY "as is" in their
      Elfpack houses and on wiki-pages!

<img:> - I can be contacted through my "Contact Me" page on any of my blogspot blogs:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Creative-Corner Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Heartbeats Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Quotes Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Rhymetyme Blog:

<img:> - Plain text only emails. NO generic/hyper-links or url shorteners; NO attachments. Non-compliance = spam = deleted.
<img:> - For other places to find me online, look below under "Artsieladie Online" and click on "Show content".
<img:> - This information nullifies any and all excuses for violating my copyright. FOREWARNING:
     <img:> - I do NOT deal with dishonest, disrespectful, and greedy people.
     <img:> - To ALL art thieves: you WILL be reported, "BLACKLISTED" and made viral throughout Social Media.

About the usage and sharing of my Creative-Endeavors_By-Artsieladie in greater detail, please see:


Violators of my copyright listed here; updated as needed:



Artsie's Art Table Of Contents:

My Art - Animals!

*Artsie's* Kitty Cat Art
*Artsie's* Doggie Art
*Artsie's* Horsey Art 
*Artsie's* Other Animal Art
My Art - Fantasy!

*Artsie's* Art/Elves
*Artsie's* Art/Fairies
*Artsie's* Art/Unicorns
*Artsie's* Fantasy Land Art
My Art - Other!

*Artsie's* Art/Teddy Bears
*Artsie_ladie's* Christian Art
*Artsie_ladie's* Misc Art



By yours truly: [Faith.Hope.Love]


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May God Bless You!
 Have a Great Day!


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2005-10-24 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yup! Here you'll find some of my art! :))

2005-12-28 [Shatureel]: your art is great.

2005-12-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks! Mostly animals & teddybears. I'm doing Elves & Fairies now, though. I'm a member of Elf12, so I do a lot for the kids there. :))

2005-12-29 [Shatureel]: thats cool.

2005-12-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yeah, I really like helping & doing stuff for the kids. :))

2005-12-30 [Shatureel]: I have a few kids stories that I wrote, I like writing for kids it fun.

2006-01-09 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Me, too. A major portion of my writing and art , I've done with the "child in mind".  :))

2006-01-20 [Shatureel]: that one is really cute, I love it.

2006-01-21 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks! As always, I make things with the kids in mind....  :)

2006-01-22 [Shatureel]: That's cool, somebody has to.

2006-01-22 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I have a saying of mine that I remind myself with on how we view our children.... Children: "Today's Wonder, Tomorrow's Promise"   :P

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