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Welcome to


Do you feel you're unwanted? Did your owner abandon you? Are you looking for someone to take care of you? Well, you've found the right place! Here you can either put yourself up for adoption or you can look through your choices and start an auction. You can also join an auctioneers membership and be part of the group that adopts multiple members.

The links are here...

Adoption List Find the one you want to adopt
Auction Center Start your bidding
Auctioneers membership For those who want to adopt all their favorites
Adoption Sign-up For those who want to be put up for adoption, are unwanted by there owners or have run away from those who have purchased them
Adoption Center's Staff If you have any specific questions and you don't want anyone else to know you have them, find the person it's directed under
Adoption Center Banners Come get a bonus by putting one on your page
Adoption Center Bank Here you can find Member Stats and how much green (or gray, rather) you can spend

WELCOME APPLICANTS (for advertised position). Please proceed to the AC Apps to submit your application for any of the positions there... Hope to have you working soon!

Username (or number or email):


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2005-04-18 [Samm]: wow things are really shaping up, actually, ana im thinking about giving this wiki to you, since your doing all the work and i feel bad, do you want it?

2005-04-20 [Analeyin]: Uhm... sure... I heard Bri's giving up her part too...

2005-05-09 [Angela Scene]: hey i was wondering how do i adopt sum one???

2005-05-09 [The Sexys_ at wiki]: ok

2005-05-19 [insianebikerboy]: we really need to get this goin now that theres a 2 one and if that one gets better than ep will prolly delete us........

2005-05-19 [Analeyin]: Hmmm. Yeah. Samm officially gave me the wiki, but I haven't been on in a while, so I think we need to spruce things up a bit, no?

2005-05-19 [insianebikerboy]: ya but i wont be on alot after june 16 ill be ogne like all summer and why did she give it to you?

2005-05-19 [Analeyin]: Because she did...

2005-05-19 [Ultra Hunger]: I wanna be adopted message me with details

2005-05-20 [The Sexys_ at wiki]: ditto

2005-06-10 [tears of blood]: ive tried to be put on the list and u wont put me on it

2005-06-17 [Samm]: people will be put on if theyd just follow the instructions... if you wantto be adopted look into the adoption sign-up, if you want to adopt others look into the auctioneers membership, all detials are somewhere in this wiki look before you start asking questions, we're busy people you know.

2005-09-07 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: i want to be adopted can i know how ???? plz

2005-12-15 [insianebikerboy]: hey sorry i havent been on in a while ive been busy working but i am back here and there

2006-02-07 [Airisu]: i wanta get adopted

2006-05-09 [Another Boy]: Bring back Wheelsy Help support our crippled friend to get out of being banned. Wheelsy is a great friend of many people on EP and he was banned for more than ridiculous things. "spamming an official wiki BUT mostly for his "bad" attitude" All Wheelsy did was answer questions asked of him. All his comments were deleted and he was banned. Wheelsy is greatly missed and all I'm asking is for you to take the time to sign your name on our signatures list and show a little support for our lost crippled EP'er. THANK YOU for your support you are <3'd by me.

2006-06-28 [♪♪ YoUr FaVoUrEtE nObOdY ♪♪]: i would like 2 put my name down 4 adoption

2008-02-22 [Yu-Gi-Oh lover 101]: I would Like 2pout my name for adoption

2008-05-02 [Voodoo Baby]: I wanna get adopted ^_^ lol

2009-03-14 [Boomnesss]: sweetness...i can get adopted! hehehee

2013-08-26 [I'm gone.]: ......... its SO fricken quiet in here............... -.-

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