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Advent Children



(the After math of FF 7)

Two years have passed since the defeat of Sephiroth, but the world is yet again at unease. We know of something called the Geo-Stigma, which plagues the human race. Geo-Stigma is one of the effects the life stream is having in its attempts to get rid of the Jenova gene. Cloud obviously has the main role in the movie. Also obviosly FF7 Advent Children would not be right with out sephiroth coming back form the dead.


Introdution to the Characters
(list not complete if any mising message me)


Some Descriptions

Cloud Strife:
Employed by an Anti-Shinra Organization called AVALANCHE, he worked with other members

Although he lost himself in past memories, in the long journey of Final Fantasy VII, he was able to find his real identity again. Now he refuses to associate himself with other people and lives a solitary life.

Tifa Lockhart:
Cloud’s childhood friend, she is the only one who knows the truth about Cloud’s past. A highly skilled martial artist, she was a very important member of the Anti-Shinra organization called AVALANCHE until two years ago. She currently works at her bar “Seventh Heaven” , while taking care of Marlene and the other orphans.

Barret Wallace:
Two years ago he was the leader of the Anti-Shinra organization called AVALANCHE. After losing his right arm, he had it replaced with a Gun-Arm weapon to be used in battle.

His adopted daughter Marlene, is his motivation in life. Currently, Barett has entrusted Marlene into Tifa’s care while he is involed with mining of new Mako energy replacement.

Vincent Valentine:
A former Turk Gunman. Used in past experiments with Shinra, His body reconstructed with the ability to transform into an immortal monster, never aging, never dieing. He is forced to live with that burden of that destiny evermore.

In his solitude, Vincent observed the world as it changed around him, he now holds some of the information about the obstacles that lie ahead.

Even amongst the elite troops of SOLDIER, Sephiroth was a lengendary swordsman. He was even once known as a hero. But once he discovered he was created by Shinra, He devoloped immense hatred against all mankind which posed a threat to the very existence of the “star”.

Sephiroth was once assumed defeated, but now he appears as a reminicing image infront of Cloud.

The leader of the group of three that pursue Cloud. These three are all brothers. Purely Insane, Kadaj is calm but brutal, childish but intellectual. His mental energy is fierce. He uses two swords known as Souba (Twin Blades)

Despite his strong, muscular appearance, His true personality is childish and weak. His primary weapon is “Dual Hound”, a combination of a shield and a stun gun

An elusive youth with a distant air. His weapon the “Velvet Nightmare”, a gun made in the image of a double barrelled sword. (His Only Ability)



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