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Braving the elements, the crazies and the forces of darkness, our intrepid explorers sail the high seas and traipse across arid landscapes to find treasure and wild times, and bring us back their marvelous stories. The damsels and damiens fall at the feet of this ruggedly attractive rogues. Marvel at their courage and endurance, and then steal their gold.
Please note that this is not an official position, and thus there are no badges or privs associated with it. Enjoy roleplaying! <img25*0:zabuN-gif.gif>

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2005-05-05 [Dark Bones]: Well, if you want an adveturer then you got one, i have braved the darkest jungle, the deepest sea, and the highest mountain in search for the meaning of true friends, i have done what no man alive would do, and that is go looking for the right things in life, the things that get you places, i know many stories and seen many things so come one and all to listen to me speak!

2005-08-05 [Captain Dynamo]: They should have superhero for a title, because adventurer does not fit me very well

2005-10-02 [Blinded Seraphim]: i am forge, and i have seen the darkest evil, braved great battle, and i have not been beaten!

2005-11-15 [~wicca girl 15~]: hell yeah

2005-11-24 [Raikcoes]: i am definately and adventurer!!!

2005-11-26 [Dark Bones]: Well, I have done it all and seen it all, My Power alone is greater than those who are scared of their own Shadows, likeeee [Blinded Seraphim]

2005-11-26 [Raikcoes]: for me i have been through more than any person should have endured. pain, loss, battle, even love and lost of. the scars that i bear not a single one understands at all. and it sickens me to see these ppl who think that they have a bad life when there is always ALWAYS someone else out there who has it much worse!

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