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Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Weapon:Sword, Magical spells
Personality Before Death:Sweet, Caring, Helpful to those in need of her help
Personality After Death:Vengeful, Hateful, could care less of the village she once cared so much about. You can tell that it is not her true personality most of the time.
History:Before she became a Sorceress she was a young farm girl, Her and her sister worked with their father to grow crops and take care of the animals on their farm. A evil but powerful sorcerer came and destroyed their village killing everyone but her, believing that she was dead he went on his way, soon the same sorcerer's brother came and found her, he trained her to be a sorcerer so that she could destroy him the same way that he destroyed her village. When that time came she could not kill him, but she striped him of his power so that he couldn't cause any more harm to anyone again. Soon she ended up where the story takes place now.
Quotes:"I am not your mother child!" "You all will feel my wrath."

Akira's Revenge

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