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Right, I do 2 things:
create regular sized 3d art, and create small sized 3d banners, which you can use in your house.
Since my regular sized images are quite large, I haven't listed them on Elfpack but on an external server.

I have free, smaller versions (without those awful watermarks) of my pics available for Elfpack users.



* You can not, I repeat not use the original pictures from my website.
when you see something you like, leave a message on my Facebook page ([]), and I'll get you the EP version (smaller size, lower resolution).

* The images are ONLY to be used on Elfpack, since I normally sell my images for a partial living (see Leave a message on my Facebook page for purchase details.

* Please give proper credit. I spend a lot of time and money on these pics.

* I would also like to ask you to leave a comment on my website or on my Facebook page

* If you have a request for a banner, please leave a message on my Facebook page since I don't visit EP regularly.
State clearly what you want: text, image and colours.

That said, I'm happy to invite you to have a look:





Amalaswinta's Banners




Check out my other wikis too:

Amalaswinta's Wikis

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2005-10-07 [Noxme]: sweet

2006-05-16 [Wendy]: This is impressive! Keep up the good work! I'll think of a more creative comment later.

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