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Anime Crazed Recipes

Well since you are here, why don't you learn to make and eat some Japanese foods? Here is a list of some recipes that you can try! More will be posted soon.

*Rice Balls (onigiri)*

What you'll need:
Japanese rice
Pickled plums or umeboshi, grilled salmon flakes (salted), or bonito flakes seasoned with sot sauce
Seweed or nori

     Start by cooking the rice. Make sure that you buy Japanese rice. Japanese rice is short-grained, which means it is stickier than long -grained rice. Follow the directions on the package; differends have different instructions.
     While you wait for the rice to cool down a bit, partially fill a lage bowl with cool water and add salt. Dip your hands into the salt water;this will help flavor the rice as you are shaping it into balls and keep it from sticking to your hands.
     While the rice is still warm, roll an fewtablespoons of rice between your palms. Alternately, you can press the rice into different molds. *you can buy special rice-ball molds* If you use molds, be sure to rinse them in salt water before adding the rice to keep it from sticking. Add one of the fillers (pickled plum,grilled salom,or bonito flakes) into a hole in the middle of the rice, and then press the rice over it so that the filling does not show.
     After you have shaped your onigiri, flavor it lightly with more salt, and if you like press a strip of seaweed into the rice.

*Tip: Pickled plums are quite salty, so use them in moderation.

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