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2008-09-01 13:56:30
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Ashura Hill Zone

Welcome to the 1st level in the game, Ashura's appearance has darkened the once bright and beautiful South Island. Here you need to have a keen eye to be able to get through the traps that are lying around every corner...

Ashura Hill Zone, everything except water and rings are black and white in this level, not too hard on the eyes is it?

This zone is full of traps, meaning you have to watch what you are doing before doing it, or you could die! Mwahahahahaha!

See that? Its another trap! Haha!

Yup, I nearly fell into my own trap too >.<

So the story goes, Ashura has made the world mess up, as you can see here. Eggman appears on Act 3, and when he's near, the background will go funny to show danger ^^

That's the boss! But look! Ive changed it to make it hard! :P

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