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2006-08-19 11:35:40
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I have an idea that i want to run past everyone. I make a page for the bad guys so that there can be bad guys that are being played by actual people. Message me to tell me what you think.

Assassin's Journy.

The journy begins! Just join and begin posting. Basic rules. Have fun and don't be cheap!

An elf, wearing all black, walked slowly through the forest. His daggers glittered in the little sunshine that fought it's way through the trees canopy. He knew he was being followed, had known for awhile now.  
  They were shadow things. No living being had seen one in over a thousand years. They were searching for the coins, coins beyond any imaginable power, coins of death and destruction, and one of life.
  The humans and all the other races in this land were about to be consumed by a war that had nothing to do with them, the elven lands had already fallen, burnt beyond recognition, so the remaining elder sent this lone elf to warn the other races. A lone messenger, fighting for his life and the life of the world.
  As he walked, one of the shadow things dropped out of a tree, landing silently behind him. It advanced without making a sound. But the elf could sense it. He let it get nearer. Nearer. Suddenly, the elf whipped around and threw a dagger at it's head.....

The RP has begun!!! Everyone start posting!!!

Assassin's Members- Go here to join.

outer Inn-The beggining of the story. Many freinds were made and the enemy was revealed.
A City Reborn-After a difficult battle to save a dwarven city Chance and his companions realize that a war is afoot.
Traveling Again-Where the end of the story for the last group of players ends.
Two Years Later-Where the new group of characters start.

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2005-12-23 [The Witch's Cat]: May I join??????

2005-12-23 [tekkon kinkreet]: of course

2006-01-03 [asdfasdfasdf]: so when do we start???

2006-01-03 [tekkon kinkreet]: as soon as i reset the wiki and i have a couple more members. start askin your friends if they want to join, cuz i haven't gotten any replies from anyone

2006-01-09 [Soulafein]: ill join again...if youll let me that is...kinda stopped comin on for a while...hehehe

2006-01-12 [tekkon kinkreet]: you can of course... I don't mind one bit having one of this wiki's veterans joining again. lol

2006-01-12 [Soulafein]: sweet, but im gonna play a different character this time

2006-01-13 [tekkon kinkreet]: oh thats fine too, i'm thinking about changing the basic storyline for the wiki anyways

2006-01-15 [Soulafein]: that works for me

2006-09-22 [OK_Computer]: LMAO!!! need an insane coin of dark destruction

2006-09-24 [tekkon kinkreet]: lol
dont we all sometimes? that and a coin of life. hold it up and viola!! You have a life. LOL

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