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2009-04-06 20:42:39
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This is a wiki for all the people who do ballet.

And i just wanna say...

I [L]O[V]E [B]A[L]L[E]T[!]!

On here you can talk about basically ballet or anything!!

Add your name below

1] [goldie]

2] [*Suicidal Cupcake*]
3] [sammy-foxy14]
4] [FredTheDuck]
5] [Product of a Primal Urge]




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2007-12-20 [sammy-foxy14]: bex u r well good at doing dance a ballet

2007-12-20 [goldie]: aw...those piccies aren't of me.

2008-01-13 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: I wish I could do ballet. But like, nevermind ^.^

2008-01-14 [goldie]: Aw bet you'd love to be a lickle fairy!!!

2008-01-14 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: :P
Well you've seen me run, I run like a little girl.

2008-01-17 [goldie]: Hee! Hee! Lol.

2009-03-31 [Product of a Primal Urge]: <img:>

2009-04-02 [goldie]: Aw wow i love that picture!

2009-04-02 [Product of a Primal Urge]: me too. im untraditional when it comes to ballet

2009-04-04 [goldie]: Ha ha lol. Imagine doing ballet in converse...*thinks about trying it*

2009-04-06 [Product of a Primal Urge]: I have! haha, it was after class but yeah. Not too hard when they're old because they form on your feet not too unlike ballet slippers...okay there's a difference but yeah! haha.

2009-04-06 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: Awww, now I wish I could do ballet.
[goldie] taught me a little in a P.E class, but I'm no good, I'm too old to start now. :P
But ballet in converse does sound awesome. ^_^

2009-04-06 [Product of a Primal Urge]: *chuckles* Trust me, you're never too old. I only took one year of it and it was fun. You can do it anytime, just find a class and don't worry if you're with people younger than you. It was still fun!! I was the oldest in the class.

2009-04-07 [goldie]: Everyone thinks ballet is really serious and stuff, and yeh it is sometimes but it's really really fun. And lol, Rosie i'll teach you some more lmao!

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