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Sexual Preferance:
Elemental Typing (you may only choose 2):
Unique Gift(such as sharingan ect. can only be granted by the wiki owner)

Sexual Preferance:Straight
Elemental Typing:Fire/Thunder
Unique Gift:Mangekyo Sharingan,Susanoo

Username:[~Kissed by an Angel~]
Name: Tigress
Nation: Unknown
Age: 18
Sexual Preferance: Straight (but also finds certain women attractive)
Elemental Typing (you may only choose 2): Earth/Light
Race: Elemental
Bio: Far into the future, Tigress is the last remaining Elemental of their time. Unaware of her abilities or why she has them a mysterious cloaked man tells her she is needed to stop the rise of the demon king and is sent back in time to stop the death of the great king and champion, Heatra, in order to save the world from total destruction. She tries hard to fit in with the time she is now placed in but finds things difficult for everything is so new to her from social behaviors to new types of enemies and emotions. But no matter what she has sworn herself to protect Heatra with her life even if she must lose it to ensure his.
Unique gifts: Though she has very strong elemental abilities she has a very affinaty with animals and has tamed many wild beasts. When she was 3 she tamed a large tiger that had devored and entire village. because of this she was given the name Tigress

Username: KurosakiBloom
Name: Cassandra
Nation: ALdar
Age: 24
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Class: Puppeteer
Race: Neko
Bio Cassandra Hellsing is the daughter of Master Aldar of the Aldarian Nation. She has a "I could really care less" bitchy attitude when it comes to anything other than an enemy or friend fucking with her hair. She is a puppeteer, which means she has the ability to use strings to attack or control anyone or anything she chooses and is the most powerful resident in the Aldarian Nation other than Master Aldar himself. Although she has such incredible power she could care less about using it and only joins battle when it is absolutely necessary. She is also the head director or as most refer her as the Madame Director of the Hellsing Organization which is the organization that defends and protect our land. All and all she is a sexy naughty bitchy me kind of person.

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