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The Elven Path

Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Name:Beth Nydaea
Weapon:Ancient Sword
Powers:She can control feelings, Basically it means she can make you feel like you are in pain while you really aren't, or it can make you feel absolutely nothing. It is not a power easily controlled, and using this power may come at a price for it does not always hit the intended target, and should only be used as a last resort
Personality:Determined, but very careful, she tends to have trust issues, and when meeting someone new, she tends to watch them very carefully.
History:Her grandmother Elizabeth died soon after she was born, she barely knew her. The locket was passed down to her mother, and when Beth finally became of age, it was given to her. The locket was stolen by a young child who did not know the story behind the locket, and it was broken, which released Kaze into the world again. She is now trying to seal Kaze back into the locket, but she needs help first.

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