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2010-11-25 15:13:54
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2009-05-07 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Ok lol.

2009-05-07 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Bill:Ma Wiki. I likes it.

2009-05-07 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Yeah hehe.

2009-05-07 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Bill:POkes you.

2009-05-07 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Eeeep! humps the keyboard. pokes back.

2009-05-12 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Wow. Lol.

2009-05-31 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Bill:Humps Air. Poke poke poke poke.

2009-06-04 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Me: POKENESS! pokes both of you. Ty: My girl is a freak... BUT I LOVE THAT SHE IS! winks.

2009-06-07 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Bill and i:Hump each other and moan. Poke you 2.

2009-06-09 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Us: hump each other and moan.

2009-06-30 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Us:Wow-Ski

2009-06-30 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Us: start doing it and screaming so loud that even the neighbors 5 miles away can hear us.

2009-07-02 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Us:Same but screamig so loud ppl in DC can hear us.

2009-07-07 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Wow lol.

2009-07-12 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Us;sowie. Loll.

2009-07-12 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Anyway... Chicken?

2009-07-15 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-07-15 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Skittles are good, but chocolate and chicken are better (to me).

2009-07-15 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Yesh, to you. lol. DR.PEPPER!

2009-07-15 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Mmmmm tasty! I LOVE Dr. Pepper! I do, I do, I do-ooo. lol.

2009-07-15 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Wow. lol.
Mommy, can Jazzy stay to night? lol. Wif me and Bill?

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