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Breathe Carolina


Welcome to the Breathe Carolina fan page! I'm Lexi, AKA [LexiLouLaBelle], and I run this thing. (:
Here, we love the music and members of Breathe Carolina. We can discuss our favorite songs, music videos, band members, performances, etc.
But before we go on, here's some more information about the Breathe Carolina we've come to love.


Breathe Carolina is a two-man power team from Denver Colorado, mixing techno music with screamo music.
Breathe Carolina is made up of it's two founding members: David Schmitt and Kyle Even.
Their first EP was titled Gossip, their first LP was titled It's Classy, Not Classic and their second LP was titled Hello Fascination.
While on tour, Breathe Carolina has a live band to work with. The members helping them are:
Josh Andrew(guitars, synthesizers, keyboards, programming, backing vocals)
Eric Armenta(drums, percussion)
Luis Bonet(bass, synth, keyboards, programming, electronics)
The guys also have their infamous merch guy named Tasty, AKA Casey Dockstader.
If you have any other questions about Breathe Carolina, feel free to ask.

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