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Bri's Castle: A place where the vampires of Sublime Hatred can rest

The new Queen of all Vampires

Screen Name:[~*~American Honey~*~]
Race:Vampire, Queen of Vampires
Special Ability:Cannot die
Other Info:took over the throne with little help,

The old ruler

Screen Name: [Jasiara Hotalti]
Name: Pheonara
Race: Vampire, Former Queen of the Vampires
Age: 219
Special Ability: Telekinesis
Other Info: Has recently been dethroned by the present queen, and will try to get her throne back no matter what

Bri's children

Screen Name: [;;Melodrama Junkie]
Name: Kristina-Nicole
Race: Vampire
Age: 203
Special Ability: Control over the wind
Other Info: She was the first to be turned by the Former Queen of the vampires and therefore made her the first Right hand person.

Screen name: [;;Melodrama Junkie]
Name: Leyla
Race: Human
Age: 13
Speciality: Unknown, if any.
Other: Has been taken in as a fledgling of Kristina's, after she was found
on a dark street having run away from her terrible home.

Screen Name: [Elf_Person]
Name: Keto
Race: Vampire Prince
Age: 200
Special Ability: telekinesis like his mother Pheonara
Other Info: He has been gone for some time but has returned to claim his rightful place as prince.

Screen Name:[Elf_Person]
Name:Kasuaki (Ca-Sue-A-Ki) but goes by Kasu
Age: unknown
Special Ability:Capable of killing and or banishing anyone (he only uses his banishment power on immortal people)
Other Info:He is Hikage's first son, he was in line to get the throne then disappeared one day. He has returned after 200 years to claim his kingdom. Pheonara is not his mother for his biological mother was killed by the former Lycan King. His father never told Pheonara that he had another child other than Keto.

Screen Name: [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]
Name: Amaya Chiyoko
Race: Vampire
Age: 153
Special Ability: Stealth and a master swordsman
Other Info: Amaya was born into a clan of ninjas and is very skilled in the art. Her village was attacked by vampires and because of her beyond her years skills she was taken and changed in order to be use as a weapon. She hated the clan that she was forced to serve so one day she took her chance and killed the Headmaster and everyone in the house so now she is on the run, trying to find someone who can help her finally escape the remaining house's grasps.

Screen Name: [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]
Name: Jinsai
Race: vampire/werefox
Age:12(in the future as of now he is still an infant)
Special Ability: healing
Other Info: son of Otto and Amaya

Screen Name: [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]
Name: Daisuke but goes by Dai
Race: Vampire
Age: unknown
Clothing/Looks: leather pants and sleeveless shirt with short black hair
Special Ability: unknown
Other Info: His power seems to come from his tattoos, not much is know about him only that he’s searching for his older brother.

Screen Name: [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]
Name: Dark
Race: Vampire
Age: unknown
Special Ability: unknown
Other Info: He's Daisuke's older brother, not much else is known of him though he had quite alot of ninja training when he was younger...right after he and Daisuke lost each other....

Screen Name:[shadows of life]
Name: Chloe
Race: Vampire
Age: 21
Special Ability: not known

Screen Name:[shadows of life]
Name: Tsukino
Race: Vampire
Age: 200
Special Ability: water and ice control

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