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This wiki is for all us guys and gals who love Cowboy Bebop as much as me.

Put ur name down here to join And the name of ur favorite character in the seares.

1. The master [policegirl] Yeah Cowboy Bebop kicks my ass Spike is my hero!

2. [Music of the Night] YAY EDWARD AND SPIKE! ^_^
3. [miss_independent]
4. [Revenge of the cheese] I do not worship Ed...I am Ed...
5. [Bastet] Edward found it!!!! ^^
6. [Sabrina Catherine] I'm still a beginner... I LOVE EDWARD!!! (not you Randi)
7. [Provehito in Altum] I <3 Spike and Faye
8. [Lord Starscream] I wuv Spkee and Edward! ^^
9. [Pandora♥xcore] Spike ♥
10. [sean] Ed and Spike
11. [Sieg Heil!!.PK] Vicious.
12. [Whiskers] Spike!
13. [kiljaeden] Edd...hee

Heres the new banner to put in ur house.

<img:>Made By:[Bastet]

(Please Put this new banner in ur house thank you!)


[Bastet] is the winner of the contest yay for her so *points up* here is the winning drawing!!

cowboy bebop artpage

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2005-09-28 [roqs_servant]: hey

2005-09-28 [policegirl]: hey hows it going you going to join?

2005-09-28 [Music of the Night]: ROQ 4 WORLD LEADER! lol

2005-09-28 [policegirl]: lol nice yes for world leader yes ROQ!

2005-09-28 [Music of the Night]: hm, ashleigh, did you fill him in on Roq? lol, we're gathering followers all over the place!

2005-09-28 [policegirl]: no i dont now what that is?

2005-09-28 [Music of the Night]: *gasp* then you must learn the legend of Roq! as it has been dubbed, lol, I'm a little sketchy on the details tho, ya may wanna ask Ashleigh for the full story in all it's stupendous wonder! *eyes get big and sparkly* lol

2005-09-28 [Revenge of the cheese]: lol! Nice... babe, when you put me on a wiki, TELL ME!!! 'cuz I got all wigged out and wuz like. "who is this and why are they saying thank you?" hehehe Roq!

2005-09-28 [Revenge of the cheese]: Oh, and I'm going to make a tribute to ed... as soon as I get my compy online... as soon as I make it, I'm guna send it to you guyz to see it, k? I'm also working on drawing Faye and Ein.

2005-09-28 [Music of the Night]: i thought i did tell you at skool! hm...dasofusdm;hu!!!

2005-09-29 [policegirl]: yay its growing yay

2005-09-29 [Bastet]: Hello!

2005-09-29 [policegirl]: hey hows it going?

2005-09-29 [Bastet]: good, you?^^

2005-09-29 [policegirl]: im awsome thankyou for joining ur the best please tell all ur friends and that goes for everyone here thanks ur Friend [policegirl]!

2005-09-29 [Music of the Night]: forgot the "img:"

2005-09-30 [policegirl]: OMG i cant wait to get my Bebop in the mail omg i cant wait!!

2005-09-30 [Provehito in Altum]: omg i love the banner

2005-09-30 [policegirl]: yeah isent it awesome

2005-09-30 [policegirl]: i made the first one but my gf made that one she did an awesome job!

2005-11-01 [policegirl]: alright and the contest was over yesterday soo yeah

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