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The Death Eaters


"When a wizard goes over to the dark side there's nothin', and no one matters to 'em anymore."

<img:>Lord Voldemort - Come and behold our Dark Lord!
<img:>What Are Death Eaters? - Learn in some detail about what a Death Eater is.
<img:>Who Are The Death Eaters? - Learn of the Death Eaters from the Harry Potter books.
<img:>The Death Eaters - Become a member, a servant of the Dark Lord.
<img:>Death Eater Badges - Badges to post in your houses!

Oooohhhh! Lookie at mt housemen! the future of the Death Eaters looks worth joining to me!

<img:>Hogwarts Join Hogwarts and become a student! (I'm Raine Black)
<img:> Draco Malfoy Lovers Just because I love him soooo much...(>.<)
<img:stuff/Hogwarts.gif>Harry Potter another HP wiki


Owner, information gathered and written by, badge drawn by, Images scanned and collected by: [RabidSphinx].


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2005-12-01 [Chainer]: Oh. My. God. *bursts out laughing* Harry looks so...... gullible.

2005-12-01 [RabidSphinx]: my awesome 5 minute art....^^

2005-12-17 [wretched-reaper]: That's good, for 5 minutes... Lmao

2005-12-17 [RabidSphinx]: it's amazing for 5 hours! lol

2005-12-20 [Chainer]: lol, my History class is handy for drawings like those

2005-12-20 [RabidSphinx]: you should see my math folder/notebook... >>;

2005-12-20 [Chainer]: *grins* There are no clear pages in my english/theology notebook

2005-12-21 [RabidSphinx]: ^^

2006-02-19 [RedPhoenixVII]: <img:>

2006-02-21 [RabidSphinx]: :D

2006-07-04 [Empty~Soul]: ok i dont know who ya'll are and i just came across this page and Forgemaster happens to be my boyfriend and i better not hear you diss him again thank you

2006-07-04 [RabidSphinx]: i'll diss him every time to situation calls for it. thank you...^_^

2006-07-05 [Chainer]: *Coughs to hide a chuckle* And if she's not here when the situation calls for it... I may be

2006-07-05 [RabidSphinx]: lol

2007-01-08 [RabidSphinx]: <img:>

2007-01-10 [Chainer]: Lol!! That's awesome.

2007-01-10 [RabidSphinx]: i couldn't stop laughing. because i write like that some times. XD

2007-01-10 [Chainer]: Lol. I think everyone has moments like that XD
The Dark Lord has no nose...

2007-01-10 [RabidSphinx]: because he is supposed to look like a snake. :)

2007-01-11 [Steph-O-Melon]: hehe i sooo had to become a death eater ^^

2007-01-11 [RabidSphinx]: we are pretty badass

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