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Character Profiles:

Years Dueling-
Deck Name-
Deck Type-
Strongest Card-
Sexual Orientation-
Bio-(not necesassary)

Thanks to the Genious of [Tis gone but never gone] i have now the following,we will list the contents of our decks right here in this:

Deck Vaults

(NO ONE CAN BE: Yugi Moto,Yusei Futo,Joey Wheeler,Mai Valentine,or ANY of the real yugioh characters,they may be used later in the story but only during speacial events)

Name-Nick Kasshu
Years Dueling-2
Deck Name-Rath of The Elements
Deck Type-New Cards (and by new there are like a couple no one no's bout)
Strongest Card-Heatra,Elemental of Fire
Sexual Orientation-Strait
Bio-(not necesassary)

Username- [Tis gone but never gone]
Name- Emma MacKay
Age- 20
Years Dueling- 2
Deck Name- Fae deck
Deck Type- Fairy/Effect
Strongest Card- Splendid Venus
Sexual Orientation- Bi
Bio-(not necesassary) Emma use to play the game but she wasn't very good at it so she stopped playing but she is still into it. She likes to watch the duals and so on.

Username- [Tis gone but never gone]
Name- Eve Williams
Age- 21
Years Dueling- 1
Deck Name- Dragon Eve
Deck Type- Dragon
Strongest Card- Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Sexual Orientation- Guys
Bio-(not necesassary) Eve Williams was a one time wonder in the dualing world. She won alot of competitions but then she lost against Emma and she stopped playing the game all together because she didn't like to lose. She got rid of all her cards but she still liked to watch the duals.

Username- [shadows of life]
Name- Shade
Age- 21
Years Dueling- 0
Deck Name- NA
Deck Type- NA
Strongest Card- none
Sexual Orientation- straight
Bio- New to city and doesn't talk about it.
Pic- <img:>

Username- [GlassCasket]
Name- Mortsune Cross
Age- 22
Years Dueling- 1 and a half
Deck Name- Blitzkrieg
Deck Type- Machine
Strongest Card- Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
Sexual Orientation- Straight
Bio- He has lived in the city all of his life. He watched it fall from the post-Utopian metropolis it once was and descended into this crime-filled cesspool of robbery and hatred. He has finally decided to do something about it.
Pic- <img:>

Name-Kagi Kasshu
Years Dueling-14
Deck Name-Darkness
Deck Type-Dark
Strongest Card-Cysero,Master of evil
Sexual Orientation-straight
Bio-(not necesassary)

Username- [Fallen Child Athena]
Name- Minako Takana
Age- 20
Years Dueling- 13
Deck Name- Magician Devastation
Deck Type- Spellcaster
Strongest Card- Magician of Black Chaos
Sexual Orientation- Straight
Bio-(not necesassary)
Pic- [img][/IMG]

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