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Extending copyright...

The European Parliament is set to vote on whether to double the term of copyright in sound recordings. Sound Copyright invites you to register your concern at an event on the proposed Term Extension Directive, on Tuesday 27 January 2009 in the European Parliament in Brussels:

This flawed Directive has been unanimously condemned by Europe's leading intellectual property research centres. The European Parliament must address the mounting concerns of consumer groups and copyright users if they want a modern, workable intellectual property policy. Please, if you can, come to Brussels and register your concern. If you can't make it, please invite your MEP to attend on your behalf.

ow you can help the campaign:

1) Come to an event on 27 January in the European Parliament in Brussels to hear academics, musicians and activists discuss the Directive with a roundtable of MEPs

2) Invite your MEP to attend the 27 January event on your behalf (you can get their contact details here:

3) Invite your MEP to sign the Sound Copyright petition

4) Ask your MEP to watch the Open Rights Group's cartoon "How copyright term extension in Sound Recordings actually works"


Spread the word: How copyright term extension in sound recordings actually works

The Open Rights Group and animators Eclectech, whose work has included pieces for Friends of the Earth and No2ID in the UK, have produced a short animation explaining "How copyright term extension in Sound Recordings actually works". Check it out at the link below and show your friends and your MEPs why term extension is a really bad idea.


Andrew Gowers hits out at "out of tune" term extension.

The former editor of the Financial Times, Andrew Gowers, hit out at the UK Government's suggestion that they should consider a copyright extension as "out of tune with reality". Gowers original evidence-based review for the UK Government concluded against extending copyright.


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