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Final Fantasy 7

1997 3 disk
FF7 like basicly all of the other Final Fantasy games has a plot line about saving the world.

As the main character Cloud, an ex soldier.The player goes on a journey starting as a mercenary blowing reactors up, to chasing Clouds idol Sephiroth. In order to stop him from distroying the world. Along the way Cloud and his friends suffer from the loss of friends, betrayel and more.

Through fighting monsters and trying to find all the materia, the player also gets to have extra fun by playing games at the Gold Saucer, Buying ones own house,also geting the chance at a chocobo farm to raise and bread chocobos so you can race them at the GS.

Because of this, FF7 is one of my fav FF games
and as written on the back of the game >_<

"...quite possibly the greatest game ever made."
Main Charaters (First Names Only)

Red 13


Enemy Skills
(Final Fantasy Rebirth has A lot about FF 7 Like limits and more)

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